Philippines, under a state of calamity

My whole country is under a state of calamity, as declared by our President today. For days, I am tuned in to local and national news to be aware of the calamity that has been destroying the lives of my fellow Filipinos and has continue to crush the hearts of our local and national government officials.

Although I am residing in the Visayas and that the predicted path of the storm will not pass our region, my heart still goes out to those who will be experiencing this typhoon, Pepeng. Last year, Frank had hit my region and has caused damage to my school and my friends' houses. We were really lucky that our house was spared of the flood. This year, we are facing two typhoons. Typhoon Ondoy had hit Metro Manila these past few days. Typhoon Pepeng will soon do.

With this, I am calling out to the world, to help the Philippines in whichever way they can -- in cash, in kind, and of course, in prayer.  You can reach out through your Red Cross Organizations in your country. There are many ways to help. As you come across my blog, please help pray for our country and for the world. Here's a little prayer that you can say.

Dear Lord, we fervently pray for Your intercesion that the Philippines will be spared from another threatening typhoon. Our suffering people have not recovered from Ondoy's wrath. Please prevent Pepeng from hitting any of our islands. Save us from further calamities by embracing our country with Your protective grace and blessings. Amen.

Thank you for praying with us, and for us.

This climate change is really serious.

The complete report lies here.


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