Loong Weekend Update

I just had the one of the loongest weekends and I spent the days:
  • having a perm
  • going to Liliw
  • seeing Laguna de Bay with my aunts
  • reading e-books and books
  • painting my nails blue
  • washing what needs to be washed
  • writing my first ever guest post ;}

I have lots to blog about. :D But before doing any of them, I want to tell you that I am doing a 30-Day Long Distance Relationship Challenge in my tumblr, Aizanity. I can share some of it here. Basically, here's the challenge:

Day 1 – Our names

Day 2 – Our ages

Day 3 – Our locations

Day 4 – How we met

Day 5 – Since we have been together

Day 6 – The most random things we know about each other

Day 7 – How we communicate

Day 8 – Favorite Thing I’ve Given Him

Day 9 – Favorite thing he has given me

Day 10 – Favorite thing about him

Day 11 – One thing I miss

Day 12 – How I define love

Day 13 – Hardest thing about distance

Day 14 – Moment we shared last time we were together

Day 15 – Favorite love song

Day 16 – Favorite love movie

Day 17 – Favorite love quote

Day 18 – a picture of us

Day 19 – My favorite thing to hear him say

Day 20 – Something I regret

Day 21 – Our text life

Day 22 – Share something cute

Day 23 – Our song

Day 24 – Describe him physically/personality wise

Day 25 – One thing he does that pisses me off

Day 26 – sweetest thing he has done for me

Day 27 – If I had the money/time/connections to get him any gift in the world

Day 28 – If I could have him for the next 5 hours

Day 29 – When I will see him next

Day 30 – Where I see my future with him going

So there you go. You can visit my tumblr if you'd like to view all my ldr challenge posts, but I'm still at Day One. :}

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