My (Offline) Friends Got Blogs

I still remember the me that I used to be. Wanting and longing to write. Excited to share my stories online. I have been writing entries in my private journal and in my password-protected Microsoft Word Diary. Too bad I haven't had a back up. I wanted to write and write I did.

But, I felt alone. Nobody reads me. I had a live journal, but I am afraid to reveal my true identity. Now, that I am older, I realized that being read is not bad at all. It's one medium of communication that is sincere and heartfelt. So, now, I'm out in the open. I publish. And I'm being read by you, lovely friends. :) And it makes me happy.

And you know, what? I have been advertising my personal blogs to close friends. I still don't post links to my personal blog in facebook. Hah. My thoughts are private, but if you know how to find me in here, then I guess it's no longer private. I'm surprised that co-workers have been reading some of my personal thoughts and I blush every time they tell me about it, but I feet great knowing that my written thoughts are actually being read. :)

Anyway, the blogging fever has infected not just me. My offline friends have been blogging too, and some have just started out blogs! And I am excited to be their online friend. I am always thrilled if ever I come across a blog by somebody I know. It's like viewing them from a different perspective. I like reading other people's thoughts. I just hope they wouldn't be distracted by work and some other things that would cause them to stop writing. I am sure you'll find their blogs interesting.

Here they are:

read about life and success

random thoughts like achieving the J-look and the correct pronunciation of the word, 'theorem'

salivate on good food and great photographs

know the latest cool tunes and music news

a woman would feel her every word about life and love

posts about interesting people she knows in real life

take a peek on the exciting life of a Mayad videographer

dig on make-up tutorials and law school rants

Writing has a way of telling people who you really are. You give them your deepest thoughts, your honest feelings. (Of course, you have the authority on how much are you willing to share and what thoughts must be transmitted.) You go bare - online. And when people read you, it feels good. You know somebody listens.

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