Online Dating Sites: Guess Who Drives These Services Today

Technology has been a part of my life today. I can't live without the internet, honestly. I will go crazy. I have relied my personal sanity on it. My blogs, they keep me alive. Facebook makes me connected to my friends and my mom. However, there's just one more thing that I haven't relied on it -- my lovelife.

If there's a quizzical look on your face right now, then let me erase those creases on your forehead. I am speaking about online dating sites. Teenagers on online dating sites? Unlikely, I guess. They prefer interacting with their peers. Twenty somethings on online dating websites? Sure, for some who can't get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Thirties on online dating websites? Possible, since this is the settling down age. But do you know the group of people who currently drives the online dating scene?

Hold on tight. They're the baby boomers. Yes, your grandmom or grandpop search for that spark like you search for your homework in google. I want to believe that they do their searches on the best dating sites there is. Traditional as this age group appear to be, their outlook towards dating has broaden, making them adapt to the same technology that their grandchildren are using. Instead of the conventional chess games and three-feet walks, they have turned to primary pictures and personality profiles.

In fact,, an online dating site, have seen an eighty-nine percent increase in their clients for the last five years. The largest contributor of this increase can be attributed to the 50-65 age group. For more information about the online dating services of this company, you can look up review. Reviews of other best online dating services can be seen on

I can't imagine my mom meeting somebody halfway across the globe online. Though she is free since she has been widowed for eight years now, I am not sure of how will I be able to handle it if she joins one.

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