Leap Years and Short Term Engagements

Lovely Monday evening to you. Excuse my previous post, I'm feeling lalala okay right now. It's just one of my PMS issues. Overreacting over petty things. Hay, it's tough being a woman.

Anyway, I have watched Leap Year earlier while I was in my aunt's crib. The start of the movie got my attention since it has the chick flick flair. And I am a sucker for chick flicks because I'm shallow and err, a hopeless romantic like that. You know, the lovely cityscapes, the plain white scripts and a woman narrating on the background.

The movie started like any chick flick, I actually thought it was kind of boring. *Spoiler Alert! If you have any plans of watching the movie, I warn you*. The story is about a woman who is head-over-heels about her boyfriend of four years and she wants to take it to another level. Yes, it's marriage. Over dinner, when her man gave her a box, she thought it was it. But no, they were earrings. She said, "Oh, they're earrings. For the ears." I am actually amused by these silly movie lines. I love the humor, if there's any in it, or rather, stupidity to others. I pulled this stunt and it was epic fail.

She gets desperate and this Irish tradition was the last straw. She is proposing marriage to her man. Again, she is proposing. This Irish tradition entails a woman proposing to her man on February 29 on a leap year (duh). And tradition says the man has to accept it. *Insert mad face here*. So she wanted to give the tradition a try. Only she got into "every level of hell", as she has described it in the movie, in getting to Dublin, where her man is on that day.

On her way, a man helped it and yes, you guessed it. They kind of hated each other at first, but then things change and feelings develop. I'll stop revealing the entire story here.

But, I wanted to do the Le Liste of the things that I have come to learn from the movie.

  • Women should never ever propose to their men, even if it's February 29.
  • Short engagements can actually beat long engagements. Time is not a factor. 
  • If you and your boyfriend/fiance are in a burning building and he picks up his laptop, planner and suitcase instead of grabbing your hand, uh, think twice. You could test this by breaking the alarm button of the hotel when you and boyfriend/fiance are in vacation.
  • You may meet the love of your life and not know that he is actually the love of your life.
  • And the above statement can happen a thousand miles away from where you are.
  • If a man walked away while you're proposing to him, wait. He might be getting a ring for you. If not, then jump off the cliff. 
I find the movie plain at first, but what made me blog about it is the firing house thoughts and the long term relationship vs the short term ones. The thought is scary for me since I am in a long term, long distance relationship. 

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