Think Pink: A Girls Talk Meme

Yes, I love pink. It's like the color draws me to it. But most of my things are purple -- my laptop bag, my gym bag, my pullovers. But I'm blogging about the color pink.

I used to go crazy over the black and pink tandem. I even had the nail art before, pink ribbons on black nail polish. But, that was before nail art got its high. You want proof? I'll show you proof. Ehehe. =P

There. haha. I made that years ago, when I was into Photoshop. I wish I can upgrade my lappy and buy myself more time so I can do these things again. Hehe. Each outfit has a story, but I'm going to tell a few so as not to bore you out.

The shirt (upper left corner) is a plain V-neck loose shirt. I painted the words, "Pucker up Princess" on it. That was my favorite alias during that time. The checkered skirt was from my friend's mom. I love the vintage feel. It was hers when she was my age. She lovess me so much that she wants me to marry her son even when I was still in elementary during that time. His son and I were prom partners, but there was really nothing between us. The black pajamas and pink Chinese top (on the right, my back view) were what I wore during a dance practice and I don't know why. Haha. The black and pink tracker cap? I bought it for myself for a dance number. And of course, the little me in my black and pink jumper. I had bangs until I was in elementary. Haha.

I still have tops in pink. :)

Post is inspired by Girl Talk.

And, anyway, it's out of the topic, but I just want to share with you my dream page. Tell me what you think. Or you could keep your thoughts to yourself. :)

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