I Won't Give Up until I'm Unofficially Yours.

Warning: Pardon the title. You'll know why by the end of this post.

I've spotted cool movies and music this new year and I'd like to share them with you. Think they're one of 2012's big M's. (M as in Music and Movies)

Big M No. 1: Unofficially Yours

I have to admit it, Filipino movies are really getting better. Who would have guessed I'd appreciate Sarah G's recent movie with Gerald A? Thanks to my friend who have influenced me. I've become patriotic, in a way.

Anyway, this movie might cause your grandmother's eyebrows to rise and your mother's voice to jump an octave while they watch the trailer. See, this movie is all about one night stands and whirlwind romance. You know that pseudo relationships, which I fondly call flirtationships. The friends with benefits kind. The more than friends less than lovers kind of thing. No strings attached.

The perfect romance is when it is imperfect, unrequited and open-ended.

We being a conservative nation don't talk about this in public. But, I guess as time goes by, Filipinos adapt to the Western culture. Our minds have been welcoming these thoughts, but we do want our morale fiber to be in tact. That is a pretty, umm, difficuly thing to do nowadays with all the peer pressure, media influence, untamed music videos, 24/7 that sell alcoholic drinks, raging teen hormones, etc, etc.

But, I wanna see this movie. :) I do I do! Angel and Lloydie are Mila K and Justin T, if I may emphasize, respectively, of the Philippines. Bet this is a Valentines Day Movie. But, I think it's kinda wrong? Offbeat? Seriously, will you watch this movie on a first date? xD I won't. That's why I'm going with my popularist blogger friend slash workmate.

Moving on.

Big M No. 2: I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz

As much as I want to keep mum about this song, about the different way that I felt towards this song last night and right now, about the thing that happened while I was on the way home this afternoon, I want to share my thoughts... :) [think I need not share the lyrics. It's all in the vid. But, here's a link to it anyway: I Won't Give Up lyrics]

...through vague, incomplete phrases. Hah. 

being all okay and happy...
....then, your cute little sis greeted me on Christmas eve
and your mom, too.. 
....and my mom accidentally bumped into your mom {talk about coincidence kismet}
and saw your little brother (he looks like you from afar, bad thing?)... 

that feeling you get when everything that you've worked hard on suddenly slips away because you gone back again (char)

then, I saw this vid on my facebook wall...
aww, all those written notes and envelopes... 
and awww, body shots all through out except for the last part...
awww, this is pretty much about LDR.. 

ok... *strum fingers on the table, bite my fingernails

might tell this to someone who'd totally relate to this...
because I can't fully appreciate this beautiful piece of video..


there i was on the bus... moments before dusk, my favorite...
the orangey feel of the rural roads because of the sunset....

click. headphones connected. 

radio on. 

me moments, yet again. breathe deeply. watch outside the window. emote.

1 msg received. 

I turned on my vampire instincts (the shutting down my emotions ability) 

I replied.

1 msg received.

And, I... smiled. :)

Ima stop here and sleep.

Err, about the title. I have just merged the two big M's. Toodles!

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