Mexicali Munching

One stress-free day, the fab four decided to give Midnight Mercato a try. But first, I have to go meet up my R in Alabang Town Center and I have to go there alone. Good thing I didn't get lost.

It was kind of early, our tummies were already tugging us, so we figured a little snack before the actual food tripping wouldn't hurt. Off we hunt for our afternoon snack sack.

The place is not too big nor too small. With the wooden tables and chairs and the yellowish light, there's an air of absolute coziness inside.

Mexican food is one of my favorite dishes, so ordering came easy for me. I never get bored eating meat and chips. I am a lover of tacos ever since I was a kid. I would order them for snacks back in elementary.


A Mexican restaurant visit wouldn't be worth it without eating tacos. We had Ground Beef Tacos as a starter. Loved the crispiness of the taco shell and of the chips, the tenderness and rich taste of the beef, the freshness of the lettuce and tomato and the creamy feel of the cheese on top of the dressing. The tomato dip, however, didn't appeal to me. I am no tomato fan.

Here's a cross-sectional view of the taco, just so you would salivate. Hah!

Thinking the tacos wouldn't be enough to cure our hunger, we ordered Chicken Burritos, the size of which is California (medium). We shouldn't have. We were already full. The burrito was a heavy snack as rice was one of the main ingredient, aside from the carb wrapper. And, I hated the red beans that were in the burrito. I don't like beans in my burrito or in my halo-halo. The only thing that I liked in this order are the chips. 


For drinks, we had Iced Tea. My friend had his bottomless. The price difference between the ordinary and bottomless iced tea drink was only Php 10 or 20, so better convert your drinks to bottomless. 


A Mexicali logo is imprinted on their table napkins, which were folded to a triangle. 

This Coca-Cola table napkin dispenser spells vintage and I love it. I would have put it inside my bag if it could fit inside. Kidding. The mustard and ketchup containers are also vintage-ish. The yellow and red color combo should be avoided when trying to lose weight; the colors actively awakens our appetite for all things edible.

Paintings fill the wall spaces of the resto. And this Burrito guide is plastered above the kitchen window just across our table.


I certainly enjoyed my snacks in here though I was kind of guilty afterwards knowing that I'd be eating more calories after. Nevertheless, I had fun eating Mexican food. Was making faces while waiting for our order. 

This is R, my food trip buddy for that particular Mexican day.

2/F Alabang Town Center
 Alabang-Zapote Rd. 
Muntinlupa City
 Metro Manila Philippines 
(02) 659-3036

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