{C} is for Cacogen

Cacogen (n.)
an antisocial person
Believe it or not, I am a sort-of a cacogen when the writing inspiration strikes. Just like last night. I was there in our dining table, so so eager to write about anything. Then, this housemate went to join me in the table. He was eating dinner. I finished my Korean noodles early so he was left eating alone.

No conversation was created. I want to act like I am alone in the room when in reality, I wasn't. So, I ignored him and he went up to his room quietly, taking back the idea to surf the net on the same table as I was writing on.

I'm mean when I'm inspired. Nobody should get in my way when I feel like that.

But this is only true sometimes. On other times, I blab nonstop to people I like. So I guess that doesn't make a cacogen, but an introvert. Yes, I am.

Anyway, as introvert I think I am, I still have this urge to share the poetry I make, read the essays I like to a couple of audience. Sort of like a spoken word poetry. Hear this. 

I've also chanced upon Sarah Kay's TED Talk entitled "If I Should Have a Daughter". And her webbie is pretty cool. So so cool actually. You should go visit it now. 

Now, my audio blog 27 Thing thing is upgraded to a spoken word event. I need to go to one. And I need to perform on one. Soon! Found a group and a cafe which carry on this event. So excited to go there! That is, if I muster enough courage to go there. And oh, this is the cafe which I want to put up as a business. =)

Probably, I will.

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