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Top Ten ECE Electronics Engineer Board Exam October 2009

I salute thee:

1. Rizaldo Fuentes - Cebu Institute of Technology - 91.10 percent
2. Danny Supnet - University of the East in Ca-loocan
3. Jared Noynay - University of Cebu - 90.40 percent
4. Teosseth Altar - Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila - 89.80 percent
5. Leo Angelo Rull - Ateneo De Naga University - 88.30 percent
6. Mark Cayubit and Charle Niño Pasahol - 88.10 percent.
7. Ian Claudio Santayano - Rizal Technological University - 87.80 percent
8. Jan Carlo Javier - University of Santo Tomas - 87.70 percent
9. Julius Jr. Olandria - Mindanao State University - 87.20 percent
10. Joebert Basco - Polytechnic University of the Philippine - 87.10 percent

*Walang nakalagay na school kay Joebert Basco originally. Pero, ayon kay dewel22 at Oppenheimer of elabs forum, taga PUP Manila daw siya.  Click here to see the actual forum.

Congratulations! Sana ako rin. God bless na lang sa mag tatake ng board this coming March 2010!

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Random Halloween Costumes

Who or what do you want to be for Halloween? Here are some random pics I have found on the net.

You could be a BINGO card! 

Or a Sad Lobster about to be cooked.

A walking peanut is also kinda cute,

But the worst thing that you could be for the day is this. 

Be careful with what you wanna be. Happy Halloween!

The Start of Something BIG

In less than a week, I will be sitting in one of EXCEL's room, listening to the lecturer, solving the practice board questions, trying hard to remember tons of different formula, trying hard to recall the stuff I learned when I was still in college, memorizing all the laws and theories involving communications and doing all this with my friends slash classmates. Isn't it exciting? Hah.

I have to say bye bye to this blog for a while. I need to focus in the upcoming ECE Board Examinations. Please pray for me and my fellow classmates and board exam takers.

For a glimpse of what I need to store inside my cutesy brain in a span of four to five months, refer to the list below.


MATHEMATICS (20%) Algebra & General Mathematics ·Algebraic functions

·Theory of equations

·Factorization and algebraic functions

·Ratio, proportion and variation

·Matrix theory

·Arithmetic and geometric progressions

·Equations and inequalities


I cry,

but then, I fight.

Anti-Wi-Fi Paint?

Yes, you've read it right. Such thing exists.
This passive baby contains particles of aluminum-iron oxide, which resonates at the same frequency as wifi and other radio waves. Costing at £10 per kilogram, the said paint can block frequencies all the way up to 100GHz, although a 200GHz-blocking pigment is on its way. This was developed by the University of Tokyo.
Since the paint can block a wide range of frequencies, it could also end the problem of noisy cellphones inside the cinema. All you have to do, is paint the walls of the cinema and viola, instant cellphone jammer. A sample is on the way to one American Company, which would try this creation in their very own cinema. Says this could also open a new way to a higher screen resolution.
Though the new material promises a number of technological advantages, some security experts remain unconvinced by a bucket of this paint. Painting the building for the sake of Wi-Fi security is more expensive than complex than the security …

A Shot on Blog Monetizing

A month has passed since I have been checking my accounts, which is intended for monetizing my blog. A big empty zero would appear on my earnings. But this time, when I checked one of the accounts, I got a very small amount, but it made me happy. Hope I will be earning more form these. I would be grateful to share these information with you as soon as these would be successful.

For now, I still have to wait. And patience is not on of my favorite virtues.

Fortune Cookie Thing

I am so sick of our project study that thinking of the adjustments we will be doing again with our paper would make me want to vommit and squeeze all the bad juice out of somebody. I graduated Cum Laude and yet I still have this stupid task. Graduation has no meaning in our school. If I could get through with my college life again, I would definitely do it with a different school. Ugh. We have to literally waste a semester over a 2-unit subject. Impractical, isn't it? I might as well start a campaign for high school students to slash out the name of our school on their college university wishlist.

Instead of tormenting myself with the disgusting project study, I made tambay on Facebook. I did this and that just to get my mind off certain things. Recently, I developed this habit of getting my daily fortune cookie message just to boost up my already broken zest for getting up everyday. Remembering the thesis spoils everything. Here's my lucky message:

Guess this one's rea…

A History Not So Long Ago

I have made a pact with myself a few months ago to read all my electronic and communications books for the upcoming ECE board exams next year. However, when I got to the part,FAQs: The Internet & WWW, I had a hard time concentrating when my laptop with an internet connection is just a mere 4 feet away from me. Walking away from my boring study table and sitting on the shining throne sitting in front of my Compaq would be effortless. Congratulate me though, I finished reading the entire chapter before I plunge into this sweetest escape, the Internet.
But first, I want to give credits to a bunch of geniuses for providing humanity an intangible space, in which they can boldly do incredible things. First off, to the US Military, for developing and deploying communications networks,one of which is the ARPANET, which is, in turn, believed to be the precursor of the Internet. To the National Science Foundation (NSF) for administering the research of the Internet. Basically, the Internet…