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Gale for Katniss, Please {The Hunger Games}

I didn't stop until I'm through with it. I am talking about The Hunger Games. I finally read it. In one sitting! Imagine. Pdf Reader. I have been hooked. Really. I had no plans of finishing it at once, but I cant help but turn scroll to the next page.

It's addicting. Thank you to J! Lifesaver. You spared me from a day of boredom.

I wish I was more like Katniss. Brave. Witty. Detached, in some ways. Can play the game. Can be compassionate to the right people. Doesn't rely on somebody. Charming to the people. Can be a tease. A savior. Spontaneous, you'll never know what she can do, how she can charm, how she can outwit.

Gale for Katniss. Why is everybody so in love with Peeta? I really don't get it. No matter how tough a girl is, it should always be the guy who shall save her from most scary things. And not the other way around.

And look at this.

Weren't they born for each other? You need somebody who can keep your back safe. Someone who thinks and says that…

Raindrops at Dusk

I've been home all day. It's been a silent day for me. I'm home. Alone, on a cuddle weather [term adopted from a friend's tweet. I won't take the glory.]. And that made me melancholic.

Haha. Okay, I'm putting up my drama. I love doing that these days. 
But, seriously, I do love this cuddle weather. Makes me think of cuddling (duh). Marshmallows swimming on  hot chocolate. Pull overs and hoodies. Books on beds. 
Aside from this cuddle weather, a few more other things added elation to my evening: Words from my online employer. He likes me! I mean, as a worker. :) And he still wants to keep me even though the project is closed. Aww. That made my heart go flutter. I want to print his words and put it in a frame. I need to find more oDesk jobs.Words from our Lord. =) Got this from the fb app. Isn't He the sweetest? <3
Words spoken through the keyboards. I miss playing the piano. I already have my keyboards shipped with me form my hometown, but it's still n…

A Moving Forward Special Part II

Shame on me, I haven't blogged properly for weeks for now. Earlier, I had the chance to back read my posts. Yes, I love feeding on my ego, so I read on my fabulous posts for inspiration. Kidding. I asked myself, why waste the days not writing. I should write. I should share my thoughts. Just because I am down again, would I really allow that feeling to consume me?

Hell, no. So for the second time in four months, I am convinced to move forward again. My November and December last year were my life clearing months. But, then January came and he called and I heard his familiar voice and all walls shattered again and all hell broke loose. I'm compassionate and impulsive, so go figure.

Just a note, this is a kind of a personal post. One of the most personal entry, so hang on and skip this if you'd like to.

So, January to March were killing months again. I stand by him. I stand by him not. But I guess, it's no longer me. As they say, once people are dead, you can't make…

This Enchanting Fragility

If there's one song that can bottle it all up, it's this. Go figure what I meant by all. I so love this song. Kept playing this last night, tonight and probably the many more nights to follow.

You Don't See Me by Josie and the Pussycats

This is the place where I sit This is the part where I love you too much Is this as hard as it gets?
'Cause I'm getting tired Of pretending I'm tough I'm here if you want me I'm yours, you can hold me I'm empty and aching and Tumbling and breakin'
'Cause you don't see me And you don't need me And you don't love me The way I wish you would The way I know you could
I dream of worlds Where you'd understand And I dream a Million sleepless nights
I dream of fire when You're touching my hand But it twists into smoke When I turn on the light
I'm speechless and faded It's too complicated Is this how the book ends, Nothing but good friends?
'Cause you don't see me And you don't need me And you don't love …

Yellows and Greens

Sorry. I've disappeared.

Because I was busy, staying in the office even after work hours just because I don't want to go home. I don't know. I got this bad case of boredom these days. Boredom makes me sad and I don't want to be sad so I stay with people who can make me happy. At work. And I am going to miss them because I have a new schedule.

Anyway, pictures from week for you to peek [on].

Can you guess where this is? Yep, it's the lovely Taal Volcano. I enjoy the scenery whenever I go visit Tagaytay for a lunch out. Hooray for workmates with cars. :/

We had lunch at Yellow Cab. Love the pizza. The chicken wings and the creamy dip! Charlie Chan and nachos! I love nachos. I could never get enough of them. This was a goodbye/birthday/despidida lunch. Ate S will be moving out. That's a sad thing.

Hit Starbuck's sack after lunch and T and I bought some earrings! This earring style has existed ages ago, but I just bought one. They overheard T's and I coffe…

Love Words for No One

My emotions scare me right now. Haha. Promise. I don't know. I am kind of in love with nobody in particular. Weird, huh? I am happy, but I am sad.

See that smile? Haha. Wala lang.
I like writing words of love for no one in particular. I just need to convert what I am feeling right now into words. So, do I write a love story instead? Anyway, I don't know what the root of all these emotions are, but I am happy I get to feel them.

To share what I am currently feeling through a song, then check out this vid. =) Love Song for No One by John Mayer. =))) Found this on Potpot's site. And oh yeah, I joined her Slam Book gig. Maybe you want to join too.

And another song. Go figure out why. =) The song describes what I feel for him. Go figure out who.

You and I Both Jason Mraz
Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me
Oh things are gonna happen naturally
Oh taking your advice I'm looking on the bright side 
And balancing the whole thing
But often times thos…

A Man Won't Let Go If He Really Loves You

Today's Inspiration: New songs on my playlist! Wahooo. 

I want you to read this because we are celebrating Women's Month. I think we, girls need to put these things in our minds. I need this. I need to stop finding excuses for him. It just... sucks. 

This list is loooong, but I guess you'll get past all of them because you can relate to it.

Some background music for you while you read, mademoiselle. 

cute vid here
1. A man won't let go if he really loves you.
- Do not hold on to someone who has let go of you. He does not love you and does not value having you. Believe me, he will not let go if he really loves you. There is another reason he is not willing to tell.

2. Do not look for reasons why he ended the relationship.
- There is only one reason why he ended your relationship. He just does not love you. Do not waste your time thinking of reasons or what you should have done. Move on and be open to a man who will truly love you.

3. Do not get hang up on your past.
- Do not nag …

Beaded Words

Today, I decided to stop overthinking and blog. Definitely a good idea. 
These days, I like talking random pictures of my day. So, cheers to photo dump blog posting. I guess I am doing that from now on. :) My pictures, my words. More me, eh?

You might take my hand for a Christmas tree branch. Haha. Well, I just wanted to wear the floral ring and the pink rosary beaded bracelet for today plus an April rosary bracelet given my mother (but a chain went loose. Boohoo.). But, I finally got my present, which I talked about in a previous post, from a little girl, A.

Aren't these accessories lovely? It's a purple-and-white bracelet and a blue-and-pink ring. I wore them the whole day even if I have to take them off when I brushed my teeth after I ate lunch. I was really happy when Ate S told me that A wanted to give me something. Imagine my smile when I got it na. 

And this is the cutesy, pretty little girl, A. See what she was wearing on her right arm and hand? Those are the accessor…

Can you say Meow?

I'm feeling kind of low, but I know something great is bound to happen. :) Just have to get rid of the negative vibes, vampire people and unhealthy habits. Wishing you well,as well. :)

Because elephants can't jump.

How you all doing? I have been out for a couple of days. I was kind of slacking. A lot of things buzzed through my mind, yet again. Uninspired. Yes, that's exactly the word that can describe what I am feeling. And I have to fight it off. Or shrug it off. Pft.

Anyhow, I'm going to let you take a quick peek of my week. :)

Kiddie Party -- here we come. We traveled two to three hours just to get free Spaghetti and Chickenjoy Meal. Haha. Nope, we were there for the kid. Seriously. :) Bought her cutesy erasers for a gift. She wouldn't be able to consume the entire sushi eraser set during her kindergarten years. I bet. And that pretty li'l kid in pink is so adorable. Her mommy, a co-worker, told me the next day that she wanted to give me a bracelet. She got mad when her mom wasn't able to hand it to me. Awww. We met once only. And she likes me already! Awww. :)
On the way home, we spent almost an hour in Tiendesitas, sort of like a small village which showcases the fine… -- My Guide to my Dream Vacay

Wanderlust hits me like stardust. Probably because summer is just around the corner. Or I am just friggin' bored with my adventure life that I want to go book some tickets to Orlando, Florida. Why? Are you asking me why? Seriously? Check out my Top 5 Things reasons why I wanna hit Orlando.

Orlando Hotels

Travelling isn't just about the attractions you are going to visit. You want to have a splendid vacation, might as well pick out the best hotels. Am I right? I would want to stay in one of Lake Mary Hotels. Lake Mary is Florida's #1 Best Places to Live, and national's fourth. How cool would that be?

Disney World

I have known Mickey and Minnie Mouse all my life, so I'd totally grab the chance to see them in person. (Even though, I know that they're fictional. I'm letting the kid in me go wild.) Aside from shaking their gloved hands, I would also want to pay Downtown Disney Area a visit and go to spas, restaurants and shops. Maybe I could also try Disney's…