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Operation Super

It's been awhile since I have been wanting to try out the Superfood Smoothies. After the lemon water, this maybe something that I could really force myself to invest in. After all, it's for my health, right? I need those basic intake, cancer-fighting components and acai vitamins.

Before that, I need to double and even triple think of the budget that I need to put in this one. Switching to a Superfood diet entails a lot of investment -- financial, time (of course, blending in the ingredients) and self-control. This week, I have eaten two guilty meals in the form of giant burgers from Brothers Burger and Jollibee. Ohmy. So, here are what I need.

A Reliable and Fun Blender There are lots of blender discounts from TCATand I am kind of confused which to get. As of the moment, Shake 'N Take grabs my attention. I like the white lid and it is the cheapest of the three. Sports Bottle Blender is also a drink-after-you-blend type of blender, but I don't like its appearance like…

Lookspiration: The Bloomlet Diaries

When I was a kid, I swore garments with flower prints are banned in my closet. Flower prints remind me of knee-length skirts from the 60's and 70's along with bulging hairdo's. However, now that my fashion taste has been refined for the better, I want to make way for Mother Nature to infiltrate my cubbyhole and stock on florals in a variety of garments -- cropped tops, pencil skirts, mesh skirts, jackets and shorts.
I belong to the category of females who wouldn’t compromise comfort for style. I need to have those two in a garment before I can decide to buy it. Imagine the Eureka moment that I have while browsing items on Zalora Philippines. I instantly got hooked with the floral pieces from one particular brand, Ezra.

Pencil skirts are perfect for our company’s technical symposiums. The black skirt is fastly becoming a bore and I want to hype up my look. A textured, floral-printed jacket would complement the look.

Along with these pencil skirts are cropped tops of similar …

Are You an Internet Garbage Contributor?

This internet statistic is very overwhelming. In one minute, you just couldn't imagine how much is going on in cyberspace. Sometimes, reading the truth stirs in a lot of emotions in us. Check out and the infographic below to know what I mean.

Poor internet, do you still have enough bandwidth to accommodate all our thoughts to be blogged, online transactions to complete and advertising to spread? If those ones and zeros were physical garbage, then I'm sure the world is already a garbage pit by now.

What I'm trying to say is do your share. Enough with the selfies. I hope Facebook would limit selfy pictures. One selfy per week is even too much.

Superwoman Weeks

Howdy, everyone. I just resurrected from my night shift duties last night. I have to support this urgent testing and thank God it was finished! I loved the people I work with. They can do wonders. I am mainly responsible for the testing, but if the test wouldn't commence because of mechanical issues, then it's still my burden. Anyway, enough of work.

I have updates for you people! :) October 2nd to 3rd week were busy weeks. I just loveee being busy though I struggle in my online career. I am being a YES woman these days. Taking on Superwoman's role, I guess. Sheesh. I might need more tips for a better lifeto get a grip of myself, eh? Take things slow? Or perhaps, take in less things in the first place. *nonsense blabber* Okay I shall start now.
Marriages here and there!
★ My high school & college friend got married. This is a first, so all the barkada was there! Of all people, K got married first! We have really not expected this. Oh, by the way, groom's not there.…

The Right Way to Fly is with AirAsia Zest

So have you heard the latest travel news? Air Asia has partnered with Zest Air and they're moving their flights from Clark back toAirAsia Zest, NAIA Terminal 4. Yahoo for the travelers out there! They're now known as AirAsia Zest.

So, to mark this awesome collaboration, I made a Prezi tagging my destination wishlist. International and local business do have a flair of seducing their target audience I should say because this has indeed sparked that desire to travel in me once again. I should increase my travel budget a little, doncha think? It'll be just a a teeny weeny expansion since Skytrax has affirmed that Air Asia is the world's best low cost airline for 5 times now.

Air Asia Zest, the right way to fly to
Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan De OroKuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai, Incheon Find out which of the places did I include in my my Destination Wishlist below.

Best viewed in FullScreen. :)
Images were taken from Pinterest …

Novels + Real Life Stories Can Cause Heartbreaks

October has been a hell month. It closely was, but it kept a lot of surprises, hamartias and epiphanies. I may just be a drama queen, but I'll let you be the judge.

Tip: For other inspiring stories, you can go to

★ Finally finished reading The Fault in Our Stars last night on the shuttle bus while I was on my way back home. I couldn't keep my tears from falling that I just snuggled on bf's shoulders, keeping my best to keep the fact that I am actually crying. He found out anyway. This was the continuation of heartbreak morning.

★ That morning, when I was on the 2nd to the last chapter, the part where Augustus Waters has just died (Sorry, this is not a book review so I have the right to spoil things up.), I kept "my book" a.k.a. iPad shut. I pretended its cover was the casing. It was just so heartbreaking. I couldn't bear having red eyes in the office.

★ If you haven't read the book, you can't get the picture on the left. It's Haze…

Loveisamutt Blog Updates

Ahoy! ;) How you've been. I am supposed to work, but I decided to do another blog post instead. I can work later (again). I am just so excited to share a number ofnew blog renovations that I have made in here. These cost me last night's and this afternoon's supposed to be working time. But, I've always wanted to upgrade my personal blogand make each post blog-worthy. Anyhow, leggo.

Blog Header I love circle-cropped pictures. Added my tagline in my header too. 
Main Navigation
You can find this on the top left portion of my blog. These are links to my pages. I'll add more items soon. Like on how to guest post on this blog. Or how to get me to do a guest post for a certain blog.
About Page

Revamped my About Page. It's sort of a guide on how to navigate through this blog too. Just head on to the page to know what I am talking about. :) 
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Love is a Mutt has been a mixed bag for so long though I have created other niche blogs. Now, I want to categorize m…

Make Your Weekends Count #throwback


Baler Beach Trip: Day 1

Yahoo! Crossed out an item in my bucket list last weekend:

Surf in Baler.
Yes, I have actually surfed: two feet on surfboard while standing up and arms stretched out on the sides. Though the washouts were greater in number, the swell that you feel when you can actually surf up is all worth the butt fell offs and board slips. Through that 1-hour surf lesson, I was able to realize that surfing is a lot like life and there are lessons that you can learn. Anyhow, let me you snappies of our Day 1 in Baler.

How we got to be in this trip Bought vouchers from CashCash Pinoy for P2950 instead of P6900 (rate each person)
Travel agency isTraveller's Deal and I highly recommend them.

We traveled at around 12.30 am from Manila to Baler. We were supposed to take the Bulacan route, but we opted to go via SCTEX and Tarlac (if I'm not mistaken) to avoid traffic jams. We have to sleep on the van for we have activities lined up the next day. We arrived in Baler at 5AM, when she's still bathe…