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Because I want my blog to welcome 2013 with a flair of fancy

It's 12 past 2. Byebye, 2012! In a few hours, it's gonna be 
 Le'ts drink champagne to all the things that happened in 2012 -- good or bad, because our Lord has allowed us to overcome them. We are still alive, breathing and sucking it all up and loving it all out!

What year are we in again? It's
or for the Romans and Math geeks out there
*insert your own 2013 chant here, go with the lights while saying the number. you could dance away if you want too!
Next year, I should be reminded that

so that

Yeah, baby! I leave you with this quote, dearies.
Oh, and this National Holiday dates for you to plan out 2013! 

YOLO! Welcome, 2013!

Lookspiration: Pale pony

Pale pony by aizanity featuring crochet lace shorts
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Crochet lace shorts

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Comptoir Des Cotonniers scarve
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Lookspiration: Floral Splash

Floral Splash by aizanity featuring river island
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River island
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Lipsy platform pumps
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Monique Péan geometric earrings

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My Year (2012) in Review

This is my last night on my apartment this year because tomorrow night, we'll be making our way to the airport. Flight's so early -- 4 am. How can we possibly sleep on the ham-cold floor of the NAIA Terminal Airport?!

I wanna take this chance to "wrap up" my year, the remaining days, I believe will be still a blast, but I can tell you all about that when I get back. So, let me jumpstart with the life replay drama. 
YAYS! Frisbee
Eversince our field was taken away from us (sob, new building has to rise), we were devastated. After finding a field near our office, we were filled with hope again. (Heavy words, huh?) For 2012, Frisbee Saturdays were fun, although they weren't regular. I have joined and supported Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments. Our company had one and the team that I am in was the Champion! Wee, I did a little to contribute. Haha. Hopefully next year, we can participate in the tournament in Boracay during the summertime! New found Friendship
These guys are…

2013 Challenges. Firm Handshake.

Because I need somebody to poke a needle on my butt before I can do anything. 2013 is close to a fortnight  away, then I am taking up challenges instead of having the good 'ol New Year's Resolution. Well, my Life List is a separate thing. I am a lover of list, I'd just like to inform you that's why I deemed I needed more than my Paolo Coehlo 2013 Planner -- well, until my Starbucks sticker note got lost. T_T Okay, so maybe I could buy another journal (the one that doesn't need stickers, boo) for me to kiss the pain away. Okay, exaggerating. Let me share these challenges, which I will be sticking (I hope) to during 2013. ;)

Writing Challenge 2013on WattPadMonthly Key Word Challenge 2013 on BookgasmFoodies Read 2013on BookgasmPhoto a Day Challenge 2013 on Shutter {Lady} Bug, The

 Bye for now. Gotta go run buy some Christmas presents!

How We Girls Do Party with Hpnotiq

This post brought to you by Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.

No one remembers the night when they've got plenty of sleep. We remember the nights we can hardly remember, because those were the best.  Finding yourself nod at all these statments, girl? Then, you would absolutely drool over the site that I just have discovered -- Primp & Prep. It's the ultimate upper that I would need before heading on to paint the town red with my girls. I am sure my drinking buddy J would readily agree with this. Now, I can look up my cocktail recipes so we can take up some shots before leaving for the club. It better include some Grenadine because that would be an instant fave. I am no make up guru, but I can actually get some tips, like how to muster up the perfect smoky eyes for the girl's night out. And, who would forget about the music? It is the life of the party. Bad music spells lousy party. With the site, I can pick out the best dance music there is. Now, the equally impor…

Dumb Ways to Die Pledge

It's December and it's mistletoes and glitter dust for me. I can forget about my day job alright. This morning, I am to welcome December with you with morbid, but cutesy thoughts in my head.

I was watching YouTube videos because I can. (Yeeeeahhhh! We switched to Globe DSL. So hello, faster internet connection!) Then, I this video thumbnail caught my attention. Thanks to the colorful half-sausages characters. The video is called Dumb Ways to Die. You would probably scratch your head why I have associated the word 'cutesy' with death. Well, watch the video for yourself.

For the karaoke version, you can click this: ~~~~
Here's the lyrics, babe.

Dumb Ways to Die

Set fire to your hair Poke a stick at a grizzly bear Eat medicine that's out of date Use your private parts as piranha bait
Dumb ways to die So many dumb ways to die Dumb ways to die-ie-ie  So many dumb ways to die
Get your toast out with a fork Do your own electrical work Teach yourself how to fly Eat a t…