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Suck up the Bad and Breathe In the Good

It's nearing November's end and it's a sad thing how time flies so fast. Twenty four hours is not just enough for me to do all the things that I want and need to do. For me, the goal that we, as humans, should work for while we're walking on the earthly soil to make both these things as one.

I guess I am getting there though. I mean, I was finally convinced of what I want to do with my life when a job that I kind of dreamed of was offered to me. I kind of rejected it, thinking about my future. It was the job I would LOVE to do, but it was pretty limiting and kind of boring and I want to do more.

But that offer just confirmed what I really want to do in my life. ;) I know that I am learning because I have not given in to the temporary dream, I've thought of the BIG picture and what I can do. Internet, you really have your homeschooling benefits.
And, just this week, I got to open my eyes on how to be an entrepreneur. I have to leave the details about that because I…

A Peppermint Mocha Kind of Afternoon

Hey. I have a lot of going on lately I even think that I got more than my plate could handle. Blame me for having meaningless years for the past few years and for not wanting to have more of that. At least now, my crazy schedule and humongous dreams hold the ability to make me an added case for assisted suicides.  My thoughts are kind of scattered right now, so I am going to do the bullet list again. Okay?

★ As I write this blog post right now, I am comfortable situated in this cozy corner. I was supposed to work back at home, but the internet connection just sucked and my being along is driving me nuts that I (and J; he called) thought that I am better off in a public place, where my emotions are restricted. A fun fact about me, I write better when I am sad. So, my Lust Manifesto blogis well fed again.

So, off I went here after dropping the clothes that J and I put aside for the Yolanda survivors (I refuse to call them victims). Drop off boxes in SM malls are available so you can go …

Starbucks Planner 2014: Should I get one?

Merry Holidays, lovelies. It's November once again and I can see myself dropping by Starbucks every now and then to get that 2014 planner! Did you know what happened to me last year? I lost my sticker card when I was only missing 3-4 stickers na lang. Oh well. 
Anyway, do I need to deal with those calories just to have one planner which could go untouched for a week if I'm way too busy to jot down my things to do. I mean, I could drink hemp oil instead. After all, hemp oil is beneficial. T_T Of course, I am kidding. Hemp oil is not meant for drinking (duh) or frying either. It is just used for salads and dips. 
Now, shall we proceed.
The Starbucks Planner 2014
If you're dying to see how the Starbucks 2014 Planners look, here it is:

I am planning to get the brown one. Or should I get yellow instead? Each of them has different bookmarks, so the bookmarks may play a role in your decision making.

Coffee bean on yellow. House for brown. Vinta (in honor of the Starbucks Kape Vi…

Why Smart Communications Should Practice Endorsement and Other Sunday Thoughts

Pardon the title, it's just that I am thinking way too much. Happens all the time when I get separated from my laptop and the internet. Separation anxiety perhaps? No, I think I have Obsessive Thinking Disorder all the time. I'd rather have that. There are lots of anorexia casesalready.

So, help me deal with my OTD by allowing me to do the le bullet yet again. I just have to learn how to write about one subject these days. Tsk.

★ Smart Communications should practice endorsements. One employer couldn't be around all the time and hence, couldn't serve all of her customers on all days. Conflict arises when the customer and that representative don't share the same day offs.

See, I have been applying for this plan for 3 weeks now. Waited for Nokia Lumia 925 for a week or two. Then, after learning that they can't have their hands on a Nokia Lumia, I switched to Samsung Note 3 instead. But, still ain't available only til yesterday. But yesterday, I went home to my…