Why Smart Communications Should Practice Endorsement and Other Sunday Thoughts

Pardon the title, it's just that I am thinking way too much. Happens all the time when I get separated from my laptop and the internet. Separation anxiety perhaps? No, I think I have Obsessive Thinking Disorder all the time. I'd rather have that. There are lots of anorexia cases already.

So, help me deal with my OTD by allowing me to do the le bullet yet again. I just have to learn how to write about one subject these days. Tsk.

★ Smart Communications should practice endorsements. One employer couldn't be around all the time and hence, couldn't serve all of her customers on all days. Conflict arises when the customer and that representative don't share the same day offs.

See, I have been applying for this plan for 3 weeks now. Waited for Nokia Lumia 925 for a week or two. Then, after learning that they can't have their hands on a Nokia Lumia, I switched to Samsung Note 3 instead. But, still ain't available only til yesterday. But yesterday, I went home to my aunts for All Soul's Day. Boohoo. Got to have it this week though.

It's not the first time that I am disappointed with their service. Read my funny rant about our broadband connection here. The only thing that I like about Smart was the instant approval of my plan. But, what good is this instant approval when you cannot have a unit ASAP? Anyway, I'm going to reserve the details for a review that I am planning to write about them. So glad I switched we switched to Globe DSL Connection! Speaking of, got my prize from them already.
Do you the mayabang, social climber post on the right? Yes, yes -- the shopped items which were intentionally posted on this blog post. Anyway, I won 2nd prize on Nuffnang's + Globe's Glad to be Globe blogging contest. Here is my winning entry -- Apartment Life: Glad to Be Globe. Told you I wasn't making being glad to have switched to Globe.

★ Guess who got the wanderlust itch this November? Originally, my friend. Yes, not me. I was just bitten. Anyway, since I have already visited Baler last November, I figured to spearhead the cause of helping them to cross out their bucketlist item which is to try out surfing in Baler. Yes, I am such a good friend. So, van booked and accomodations to be reserved tomorrow! Did all that for my lovely friends. I just discovered I can organize a trip after all. And I must say my e-mail with matching copywriting encouragements and tumblr pics made the convincing part totally easy.

★ I met a new friend -- Liam. She's special like me. And she looks like a cabbage patch doll. Such a cutie! She's my aunt's neighbor and we "borrow" her on some days. The picture doesn't do her justice! She is wayyy cuter in personal.

★ oDesk new rate and new jobs. As if I don't have a lot in my plate already, I still had the guts to apply for other jobs in oDesk. Hey, I am serious in building my writing portfolio online and I get so inspired by Celine Roque of Pinoy500 to change article rate from $5 to $50. Filipinos should stop working for cheap rates. We provide quality pieces and we should get what we're worth. So now, applying her techniques and keeping in my heart the similar desire, I raised my oDesk hourly rate to $10/hour and one client hired me at that rate! =) Yes, I should raise it in the near future pa. I just need to prove my worth. If not for Celine I would have stayed with the $5 hourly rate. I have one current job at $7/hr and that was my highest since the new offer. Wee! Imagine my glee!

★ And, speaking of my online ventures, people who share that same philosophies as me are running Finance Pinoy, The Filipinos' Personal Finance Resource for quite some time now. We tried out a new theme and we're buying it this month using our own money. We sincerely hope to spread financial literacy to all Filipinos through this website and through our personal relationships. (I'm still having a hard time doing that. People would think I would make money out of them, but nooooo. That's not our mission. Well, blame all the networking schemes that have invaded the Philippine seas.)

★ Also, am catching up with shows -- Ravenswood, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals. OMG, I just can't stop. How could I stretch the 24 hours of one day?!

★ Lastly, THIS. My first ever cleats [bought June '12] cannot be worn ever again. One shoe has a smiling mouth already. So, that's my excuse to buy this! Already saw this on Alabang ATC! Soon! 3k plus din to.

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