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Love Makes the Ferris Wheel Go Round

I think you could fall in love with anyone if you saw the parts of them no one else gets to see. Like if you followed them around invisibly for a day and saw them crying in their bed at night or singing in the shower or humming quietly to themselves as they make a sandwich or even just walking along the street. And even if they were really weird and had no friends at school, I think, after seeing them at their most vulnerable, you wouldn’t be able to help falling in love with them. 
I saw this quote on my tumblr dashboard and these words deserve to be spread around. After having that usual shuttle chat with a friend, I instantly remembered this excerpt.

The agony from work must've prodded her tongue to betray vignettes of her sad, real life moments. Every woman has had her own heartbreak months. I, for one, have been there. It's the place where the sky is always a midnight blue with no twinkling stars. Everything is ugly. Time, who is supposedly to take your pain away, is also…

The Learning Never Stops

Power corrupts. Knowledge is power. Study hard. Be evil. - Anonymous
This might have been my motto years ago. Then, I was uptight. A semi-perfectionist. Serious. Determined. Hardworking. I strive for excellence in whatever I do. And, I guess I have achieved only a quarter of what I was desiring for. There lived a slacker in me, but it was hibernating. For the past years though, it was activated and is on the loose. Tonight, the logical me surfaces beneath my skin. 

Seems like I'm having a bad case of Benjamin Button's disease, only the anti-ageing is not physical; it's pertaining to I'm-young-and-I-want-to-have-a-carefree-and-happy-lifestyle attitude. 
However, today sparked my learning felicity. Yes, I am into technical learning once again. I kind of missed school, but that doesn't mean that I want to have a Masteral Degree. Well, that's the case right now. Maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow. 
See, I have signed up with MIT's free electronic course mon…

Cleats, Discs and Aviators

I like filling in my summer weekends; it makes myself feel a little less boring. Summer 2012! ♥

Anyway, I shopped yesterday! After a long era of not being able to. Will share my haul tomorrow. For tonight, I'd like to share another Frisbee Tournament that I have come to witness. Witness only, not experienced. We haven't formed an all-women team apparently.

It's one of those Sundays where I get to get up early. By 9.30, we were already in Alabang, picking out food that we can bring. The hotdogs and burgers in the playing area are priced higher than they are supposed to be.

Let me fill you up with the details. This tournament is called Malakas at Maganda 2012 Tournament hosted by the Philippine Ultimate Association. As the tourney name implies, there are two categories: all male and all female, and I think each has different pools or levels.

It was a little heartbreaking to watch those girls get pumped up inside the green, grassy field while I was sulking at the sides. Okay…

Sweet Sixteenth

I blew two sets of candles today. I sort of wished that my wishes can have twice the possibility of occurring since I had two cakes -- one from my tito and aunts and one from my mom (who's in our hometown. She has to make a deal with my roomie.) Selfish, much?

Who would think that the girl blowing the cake is already halfway through her twenties? Well, those who knew her, of course!

I didn't have a grand celebration, just simple, as usual, with family and housemates. But, this day really made me happy. My mom and several of my favorite people are celebrating my birthday back in our hometown in our new house. So, that really makes me happy. :) 
I love the idea that the first person to greet me through text is the one that matters to me the most. <3 And that friends and families have greeted me on Facebook. A simple greeting makes me happy. The thought that someone remembers you. 
I really did feel special today and it was something that I haven't felt for like some time…

Greet Me a Happy Silver Day

Last year, I did a birthday goal post. Let's see if I did well, shall we?
Slim down. {Nope. Gained 3 kg.}Visit Vigan. {Nope. Too tight on budget, still.}Grow my hair. Treat it well. {First strikethrough! Permed it even. =)}Apply for a credit card. {I applied, but bad news. Next time.}Continue reading the bible. {But not religiously, though. =( }Be a whole lot nicer. {I can still be nicer. I guess I am a better friend now.}Control anger. {I'm not tolerating someone who brings out the worst in me.}Buy books from book sales. And read them. {Super successful at this one, but I should finish reading them.}Find a house for me, mom and the dogs. {Plans changed. =( }Let them live with me ASAP. {Plans changed. I'm kinda helpless with this one.}Try not to be torpid. {Played frisbee, went out. I'm working on it.}Take beautiful pictures. {I can do better than this.}Buy a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace). {It's Samsung Wave 525. Works fine.}Buy RAM for my laptop. {Gave my lappy t…

Back to Normal, Dang

Hooya. The Dame's back. From her hometown. I had fun. Saw and played with the puppies. Went bowling with my co-villains. Got to island hop. Served like a princess at home. Hihi. Found a new home. Bonded with my dogs. Ate crabs and other home specialties. Participated in the Holy Week Procession. Got to wear this floral screen summery top. Got to sleep like a baby beside mom. Haha.

But, I am toooo lazy to edit and upload the pics. Sorry. I can always do it tomorrow. And maybe I can do a separate post for each. Donchathink? Later, helterskelter.

And lately, I have been off with my goals. Haven't accomplished the 52moments weekly tasks. Gave in to a lot of negativities. And I'm thinking of having a new life somewhere not here. And, my life become a little less dull ever since I have developed this habit of listening to three coolest voices in the radio every morning. Jam88.3. Go listen. Aside from their indie, new alternative songs, I hear rants and raves about current issue…

Only You Can Help You

Have you heard about 'Dating Rules from my Future Self'? It's a web series that my friend J went crazy about for a few weeks. It's a romantic comedy with a flair of science fiction. The series challenges us, "What if your future self could send texts back to your past self and give you advice on your relationships?"

This main girl is working on a phone application company. She suddenly had this crazy application idea of creating your future self, throwing in all the characteristics of what your future self should be then create an algorithm that would enable a smart reply a.k.a. tip from your future you right into your phone whenever you text that alter ego. Crazy, right? But some kind of a cool therapy. I wish you could see the whole episode.

The producer behind this YouTube series is the same producer of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. And the ex boyfriend is from Pretty Little Liars and the cutie new guy is from The Vampire Diaries (Tyler's cousi…

When I Love You From Afar

I am so sorry to blog this, but I can't help it. =( I just miss him soooo bad and I don't care who can read this post. Blame this quote that I have stumbled on my tumblr. Tumblr can get me so high sometimes. Other times, it simply pulls me back to all those sh**** memories. =(

And here's the perfect tune to accompany this post.

I know somebody who is broken. And I love him way too much, every detail of his character. But, what is sad is that he’s broken and he can’t love me when he can’t even love himself. But, I know deep inside him, he does. I wanna fix him so badly. God knows it’s that one thing I would want to do. Fixing him was insatiable until I realized that I am being cracked into pieces just like he is. I guess I’m broken now too.  And I let him go. I don’t know if it’s going to be forever, but I did let him go. I don’t know if I’m going to ever get fixed. Or if somebody out there wants to fix me, too. But, I’m afraid that I’m just going to break him, too.
And, I ca…

Buncha Things

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Movie After the Book -- Not a Good Idea

I kind hearing and saying that. I just watched The Hunger Games today with my neighboring friendships, and I was kind of disappointed. I dunno. I didn't feel any thrill while watching the movie. Maybe I expected a little too much, especially during the parade. But, the casting was almost perfect. I like Prim and Rue. They're so adorable. And the Capitol people were fascinating. The playing Cinna leveled up to the Cinna character in the book, although a first glimpse of him made me feel otherwise. I just wished they have a different Peeta. =/ Gale was hot and I can't wait to read book 2. Next time, I should watch the movie first, but I just need to read Catching Fire right now. Oh, well.

April, my love month

It's summer once again, but I don't have any summer activities planned and that is a bad thing. Maybe next year. But, I am going home though. So that's one good thing in my summer. An…