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Ooooh, Blogger Shirts

Yeah, because we're cool like that.

My very good friend, J, told me we have to have our blog headers plastered on a shirt. And we ought to wear them when we go out. And, being the obedient and passive friend that I am, I said yes. So, off we had our very first blogger shirts made by a friend, R, who just started out the printing business and a blog.

And when our orders came, we were very happy with the service. Take a look at our blogger shirts here.

Neat, eh?

JL authors Smize and Scratches.
Of Bows and Frills is of JP's.
And me, I own I Shall Not Speak, my private blog.

I Shall Not Speak is a super private blog for my eyes only. Don't bother to come looking for it because the only reader that Blogger allows on that page is moi, and the posts are password protected. It's a dead bolt. Spare your fingers.

The blog headers were all created by JL. He has a thing for this. It is extremely seldom that I let people step over my creative borders, JL is one of those lucky, tale…

Soundtrack: Somewhere Between...

First and foremost, I'd like to hop around because the number of Love is a Mutt followers just hit 100! Love you, guys. :)) Reading me or not, I still want to say thanks. But, I'll be happier if you do read my thoughts. :))

Anyway, for the past days, my Samsung headphones have been stuck on my ears everytime I open my laptop. I suddenly can tremendously relate to music. And I even do google the lyrics and sing alone. Ahaha. You must not hear me sing. My roommate casually mentioned that he has been hearing thin voices late at night. He thought it was a ghost. But nah, it's just me and my silly, out-of-tune voice. I really wish I could sing well, but I can't have everything. And the one song that my voice range can carry is Hilary Duff's So Yesterday. Haha.

I have been influenced by a friend. I now play n number of songs in my playlist and that is enough for the whole day, or week. And that n should not be over 20. So, the songs play for a couple of times in one day…

That Bachelor Girl

The woman of a certain age is a very charming concept in French. In just about every other language it is a euphemism for having lost, through age, whatever charmant thing it was the made you charming. And for a woman who never married, there are no euphemisms. The "losing" in her case is a condition, a pathology. It is about as far removed from a charming concept as a brain tumor.

- Dorian, 38, National Public Radio Producer, 2001
This is taken from Betsy Israel's Bachelor Girl. More about this on my next post. 
My thought during this wee hour of the morning: I believe women who have just walked away from a once bewitching kinship out of their own will, in the hope of finding happiness, emit an ardent aura that draws in the assiduity of many a men. And I wish I'm not one of them. Spare me the burden of popping man egos. 
Pardon me for being so abstracted, intriguing and scheming. I just have to let this out, without giving the entire thought away. :}

Global Gutz Paintball Vouchers -- Redeemed!

Yo! My Saturday last week was action-packed. The Global Gutz Paintball Vouchers that we have purchased from CashCashPinoy were finally claimed. And for Php200, you get to sweat under the late morning sun, shoot your opponents with colored balls and get to wear those (uhm, icky) gears. Haha, but I didn't mind; I've got extra clothes! :) The voucher entitled us to an all-day access to the paintball field, gears and gun with twenty free bullets. We have to buy additional bullets. One pack (1500 bullets) for Php1000, if I remembered correctly.

Here's all of us. We're all workmates, except for the two lovely ladies who joined us. They're the girlfriends. Cute, eh?

TEAM A - The winning team. Haha. At least, for me. 

TEAM B - No comment. *Rolling eyes*

In between games, we like to pose for some shots. We've got blogs, so taking pictures is a must. This picture shows me and my {close} friends. They told me to do the salute thing, but I refused. Hahaha. Basically, we h…

The One That Got Away

Think of this as a music response to the All That You Are. My closure. Though the article below (with the same title as the song) may suggest hope, I would not like my brain to incur thoughts of a happy ending. To protect myself. To be happy again. Can I just be selfish from now on? And, just as I have gotten out of the mess I'm in, I am wishing that I am not close to falling into another trap again.

Here it is. Hit play.

The past is like a hand full of dust it filters through your finger disappearing little by little. . . I wish for one day I could go back . . .in another life I would do things differently.
Yeah, so now, I can drink to my freedom. Brand new life! And, to those who can relate to the song, you'd definitely like this article.

The One That Got Away
Source: The Manila Times
By: Mark J. Macapagal

In your life, you’ll make note of a lot of people. Ones with whom you shared something special, ones who will always mean something. There’s the one you first kissed, the one…

How to Eat Healthy Meals Without Sacrificing Taste

This is a guest post from Sean K. 
We all know that eating healthy is important for our health. Indulging in fatty foods could lead to heart complications and high blood pressure over time. Many people mistakenly think that eating healthily means you have to give up flavor and all your favorite foods. However, with a little planning, you can create healthy meals that keep your diet on track and your taste buds satisfied.

Here are three simple ways to improve your health but still be satisfied with your food.
1. Make Balanced Meals
Try and make balanced meals when you cook. This means that every meal should include a variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.
Take steak and potatoes, for example. This popular meal just gives you starch and protein. Try switching out potatoes for some whole wheat pasta and green beans to provide your body with a wider array of nutrients. You can season the green beans with garlic, salt, and olive oil. This provides flavor with…

I bid melancholia and compelled smiles a hearty hello

It's 11.11.11. And it's memorable. And special. And sad. *Faint smile.*

I asked for a wish earlier this morning (11:11 AM) just for the heck of making a wish. Hey, I'm not nuts like that. It was just some sort of a joke -- a fake wish. But this evening, as I remembered that moment, I hurriedly looked at my clock, and seriously wished with all my might. It's something that I am hoping for, something that I need maybe, or something that I don't. Maybe that wish was meant to be because I still got to make my second wish before all that make-believe magic (11.11.11; 11:11 PM) was over.

I asked for something special to happen today so as to break the boring, monotonous activity that my life has. The day started great. I was wearing my bright red shirt. And everything was going great. Yadda yadda yadda until somebody started to bombard me with questions that I cannot answer. Questions that everybody has been asking me about. Why does everybody seem to care when I don…

Friends You Ought to Have

Who needs a boyfriend? I've got my girlfriends..This is a  line from Leighton Meester's Summer Girl. :)

Tonight's blog post concept has popped up in my mind a long time ago, but it's only now that I've got the passion to write about it. Thanks to a certain person whose name starts with the letter C. Hmmm.

Friends? I have plenty. (Ang yabang.) They're the most adorable creatures that you'd like to spend lazy afternoons with. The ones you come to when you have a myriad of sometimes, superficial problems. They're the happy gang who hits you below the belt one minute and lifts your dampen spirits the next. Sometimes, you have to admit, it's a love-hate relationship that you share with them and it's something that you'd like to truly keep.

After thinking about my (and some others', probably from someone else's life in tv shows) friendships over the years, I've come up with this.


The Popularist - "*Insert …

I scrammed after I posted this

I've eaten my dinner. I've munched on a donut. I've ended the shelf-life of two peanut-butter cookies. I ate bandi (the circular caramelized sugar with peanuts). But, I'm still hungry. Or, so I thought. I was finally getting thinner weeks ago, but now, I'm gaining weight again. :\ That is a bad sign. Am I depressed?

I decided I'm not. I'm just so sure of myself that whatever the scale says is unimportant.

Or, I'm just a pig.

Anyways, I've just watched Paranormal Activity 2, which I thought was just wasted time. I should have locked my door and worked on oDesk again, but that would add more blandness to my already boring life, so I joined them.

I get that temporary high again for like 5 seconds from the alcohol that I have been pumping into my system. I drank a little with my neighbors. We're like Penny, Sheldon, Leonard, Rejesh and Howard from The Big Bang Theory. Only I'm not hot and blonde and my four neighbors are not geeks. And we'r…

When Happiness Strikes

So, lately, I have been blogging about (a) sadness, (b) confusion, (c) regrets, (d) melancholy, (e) more synonyms please. Now, I have decided that from now on, I'm going to blog about positive thoughts (though I can't promise I couldn't resist the urge to share my negativity in the future). So, yay me.

Believe me, I have finally made up my mind regarding one thing in my life and I have to acknowledge myself for being able to accept the once harsh, now normal reality. Also, I have to thank sis mayen for listening to me. I have to talk to somebody that I don't know in real life because sometimes, it's from those beautiful people that we hear the things that we need to hear. (=} Thank you for listening, for talking and for not judging me. =}) And maybe because almost everybody close to my heart have warned me about it for so long that I just let the warning pass by like the wind.

Now, I'm finally free and happy and at peace. I've never been so complete. Now, …

WBFC: Google Friend Connect

This week, I decided to use my Gastronomicca {food blog} to participate in Weekend Blog Follower Caravan since it doesn't have many followers.

Let's clink our glasses to this week's sponsors: Travels and Familia Wanderers. Let's start following each other. :)

Ensogo's California Berry Limited Voucher

My coupon-savvy friend has messaged me one rainy night if I could buy him some Ensogo vouchers for California Berry. I did because I want to help him out. He bought me a Baguio ticket using his Weegy money, but I refused. He insisted on buying though I have already told him that I am not going.

So, I decided, I give him this for free.

This Ensogo California Berry Voucher would allow him to devour on a large-sized plain or seasonal flavored yogurt with 3 toppings at only Php80. Originally, this would cost Php160. It's 50% off!

Yumm, take a look.

Some of the popular yoghurt flavors include:

StrawberryBlueberryMatchaI'm pretty sure you'll have a hard time deciding on the three toppings that you'll be having. Among the available toppings are:
Graham Crackers Strawberry Marshmallow Green Apple Rice Crispies Chocolate Chips Fruity Pebbles Pineapple Blueberry Almond Clusters Cookies and Cream Almonds Kiwi Banana Cherry Mango Candy Sprinkle Peaches Carob Chips
Hmm, if I were to choos…

Please Help Me Help a Friend

Hi there.

If you are reading this, I am so grateful that you are because, maybe, you are one of those whom He sent us.

See, I have somebody who's close to my heart (even though he doesn't know that he is) who needs help. I don't want to divulge his identity whatsoever. But, I was thinking how could you lend your help if you don't know how or why in the first place.


He has an Arteriovenous Malformation or AV Malformation and he needs to be operated as soon as possible before anything ruptures. I hope we get as much as we need for the embolization before summer of next year.

My dad died because of a similar sickness. His was aneurysm. I'd like to think that He is still giving this person (the one with the AVM) a shot at life because we have found out about it at a rather early stage and we can still do something about it.

That's all I can say for now. He is important to my boyfriend, and anyone who is important to him is also important to me. So, I want to…