Friends You Ought to Have

Who needs a boyfriend? I've got my girlfriends..
This is a  line from Leighton Meester's Summer Girl. :)

Tonight's blog post concept has popped up in my mind a long time ago, but it's only now that I've got the passion to write about it. Thanks to a certain person whose name starts with the letter C. Hmmm.

Friends? I have plenty. (Ang yabang.) They're the most adorable creatures that you'd like to spend lazy afternoons with. The ones you come to when you have a myriad of sometimes, superficial problems. They're the happy gang who hits you below the belt one minute and lifts your dampen spirits the next. Sometimes, you have to admit, it's a love-hate relationship that you share with them and it's something that you'd like to truly keep.

After thinking about my (and some others', probably from someone else's life in tv shows) friendships over the years, I've come up with this.



  • The Popularist - "*Insert my real name here.*, next week, di ba we're going to Mercado Market? We'll watch Sarah G.'s movie before that, okay?" He's someone who knows the latest Pinoy movie releases, the hottest voice talent shows, showbusiness' who's-dating-who, Billboard's weekly top hits, etc. Name it, he knows it. It's nice to have one. You'll never need to see E!Online on TV. It's like having an audio news feed near your ear all the time.

  • The Sincere Guy Friend - He's someone who'll carry your bag, books and practically everything that your hand grasps on. He'll come transfer to the "dangerous side" when you cross the streets. He'll listen to the latest developments (that you assumed have conspired) between you and your crush. He'll give you a pet dog. He'll pack up all your things (even your underwear) when you decided to go home and have left all your baggage somewhere you've been. He'll tell you not to drink too much alcohol or tell you that your shorts are too short. You know? He's always there and he has nothing more than to offer than pure friendship. No underlying agenda, whatsoever. 
  • Miss NBSB - She's the only one in your barkada who hasn't had a single boyfriend ever since her first gasp of air. And well, she's the only one who is brave enough, actually she has the right, to question you and your other girlfriends of the stupid acts that you have done for love. I.E.? Going out with someone who has a girlfriend, going out with someone who dropped out of school, saying yes to the boys all the time, allowing the boys to hurt you over and over again, covering up what your boyfriend did or did not do. Yes, she can be blunt, but you know that what she says is so right. So, you just shut up and mentally play a song inside your head until you don't feel guilty anymore or until she stops blabbing.
  • The Cool Girl with Metallic Boots - The first time you saw her, you know that she's out of your circles. But, when you actually get to know her, you learned that no party is fun without her (though she can't come to some because of err, well, religion). She's that cool chick who writes so damn well (even better than you), who's the life of the party, who knows all those cute music, who shares your love for Leighton Meester, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries and cute, brawny boys. She's your dance partner, photo shoot partner and your very own source of random coolness. You're a good girl, but she can sense evil a wild side underneath you.
  • The Extractor - You are secretive. You don't open up easily to people. You don't like talking about yourself, your emotions and your personal life with other people. You can actually play dumb and get away with it. Or, you actually talk dumb and would reverse the deal. You bat your eyelashes and now, you are the one who is asking them questions and they... answer. Bwahahaha. However, this guy has the power to squeeze out the intimate thoughts inside you. You lose to this guy. You always do. And you'll find out that talking to this guy is well, entertaining, challenging and easy. Heartwarming and inspiring. Hey, you needed some of those almost-pep-talk talks all along.
  • The Online Friends - They're people who share one of your passions -- blogging and writing. They have read all your innermost thoughts, your everyday rants, and the things that you're too chicken to say out loud to your offline friends. You read their blogs and smile because you can relate. You talk to them on twitter. You've met other bloggers because of them. And then that online spark of friendship will be forever be sustained for as long as there is internet connection, or even beyond that. You can talk to them about anything and you'll never feel naked. There's something special about them and you'd want to keep that connection to grow. And if you have reached this, you are actually one of them. Thank you! :)
How about you? What kind of friends you think one should have? Lemme know so I can update this list.

That's all that I could muster up for now. To my offline friends, if you think you're the one whom I am referring to, well, I hate to burst your bubble, but it ain't you. :P It's just prolly coincidence, or some other thing. :) Or, okay, it's you. And I'd like you to know that I'm happy we've met. You take care because I still want to bump into you as I live my life. :)

This one's for you!

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