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Travel Outfit Diaries: Chic Bikinis

You see, I haven't had a trip for the past couple of months and now that I have something to look forward to in the coming months, I can't help but plan my travel outfit. I did that way back in college -- during the educational tour. I literally packed my clothes + accessories by OOTD (outfit of the day) style. You wouldn't have to make ukay on your luggage, you just have to get one set daily and viola. You're done. ;)

Anyway, for now, I am looking for bikinis! Because it's summer in a while, baby and we're heading to the beach! :) I have two brands in mind and I have styles to choose already in mind. Just want to lay out the things in my head here so I wouldn't miss anything.
I first heard of the brand IloveKoi while browsing swimsuits in I terribly terribly want their items because: (a) They're elegant. (b) They're vintage. and (c) They can hide my "baby" fats. So here are my top picks from the brand. Same with Soak Swimw…

The Wonder of Sucking It All Up

OC people, raise your hands up. Organized people, raise your hands up. Safe people, raise your hands up. Uptight people, raise your hands up. 

If it was me asking me to, then I would have raised my on the last two calls. I am safe. I am uptight. Back in college, studying for every test, working her ass off every project. Now, I can do away with the uptight though. I was uptight. I am carefree. However I am still closer to being uptight rather than being carefree. Scratch it out again. I was uptight. I am beginning to be carefree.

Perfect. Simply perfect.

Thanks to Thought Catalog's 25 Things to Do Before You Turn 25. I didn't read the whole checklist though. One item caught my attention:

24. Suck it up and buy a Macbook Pro.
Yeah, baby. I am sick of not being able to cross out items in my bucketlist and this year, I am not going to let the year pass away without being able to travel. When he asked me how are we supposed to attain our travel plan this year, I answered, "Bas…

Winter Hangover with No nonsense

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.
It's the coldest time of the year. Cold breeze. Chapped lips. Marshmallows on cocoa. Warm sweaters. Solid leggings. Hair in a bun. Darlings, it's the cuddle weather and it's my personal favorite season.
I remembered living for a couple of months in a cold place, in Baguio. The cold lingered all year long and I couldn't help but enjoy the weather. Besides, I wouldn't have to go abroad to play winter dress up. I just need to stay there. I wore a lot of leggings and sweaters with oversized buttons, vintage striped dress inside. Ohh, I swear the memories kept me passionate and longing and needy of cold months. If I could sashay for another time in the streets with the blossoming flowers amidst the stinging dry cold, I would do in this ensemble.

No nonsense is the perfect base for my cold weather get up. You wouldn't have a hard time locating them since they are readily available in retail stores…

Striking out Somebody Else's Wishlist

If I have one wish for this blog, I wish that every blog post would be witty enough for hundred people so I can get hundred comments and a hundred applause. I was thinking of revamping it acouple of times already. I wish that every post would be as cool as the cool posts in Thought Catalog and Brain Pickings.

However, it has not attained that level. Yet. For the mean time, I am striking out Chloe Masterson's Every 20's Something Wishlist, which I liked very much because I can see myself nodding at every item. Okay, so I am not really striking them out unless I want to be sued for duplicate content in the internet. Instead of copying all the items in this blog post (which means having to publish the content in this blog) and striking out those which I currently have, I am only going to enumerate those that I have/like. So, it would be better if you read my entry and Chloe's entry side by side so that you would understand what I mean and you wouldn't classify me as an i…

Bloated in January { Maria Makiling | TayTay Falls | Private Pool }

Hi, guys! It's the 19th of January and the first month of 2013 is almost coming to an end, but why is it that I still feel like it's the 1st of January, when overflowing determination and glee vibrates through your whole being? =D
Okay, mock me all you want, but in the weeks that have passed, I have done a whole lot of things than I did in 5 months 2 years ago. I was lifeless back then, but now I am living it all out. Even my cells agree with me. They have decided to put a visible mark to address this epiphany. A mole has grown on the side of my left big toe. This means that I am going to do wonders this year. I am going to travel forth. *Blast trumpets here!* We got some travel plans and I really do hope they would be pursued. Lord, please?

This month, I've been night swimming in a pool, picture walking in Pook ni Maria Makiling and dipping in the ice cold waters from Taytay Falls. Brrrr. It has been fun! 

This was in Pook ni Maria Makiling. I have been there couple of t…

Procrastination Has Eluded Me, Darling

Hello, 2013.

At the start of the year, I feel so motivated to finish everything that I have started. I am industrious right now. At work. Yes, you have read it. At work. :) I strive to do everything that I can for the day so that I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow. La la la.

I'm back to the 12-hour work schedule. Yeah, yeah, hard. The fun thing about this is -- my day off starts Friday. I have one day for ME Day. Then Saturday, Sunday. Yeah, boyfriend and friends and family, I am all yours. ;)
And, uhm, this is me taking a break. I haven't even eaten dinner. Argh. Will eat with le boif. Later when I come home. Prunes made my stomach silent for the last couple of hours. Toorah.