Travel Outfit Diaries: Chic Bikinis

You see, I haven't had a trip for the past couple of months and now that I have something to look forward to in the coming months, I can't help but plan my travel outfit. I did that way back in college -- during the educational tour. I literally packed my clothes + accessories by OOTD (outfit of the day) style. You wouldn't have to make ukay on your luggage, you just have to get one set daily and viola. You're done. ;)

Anyway, for now, I am looking for bikinis! Because it's summer in a while, baby and we're heading to the beach! :) I have two brands in mind and I have styles to choose already in mind. Just want to lay out the things in my head here so I wouldn't miss anything.

I first heard of the brand IloveKoi while browsing swimsuits in I terribly terribly want their items because: (a) They're elegant. (b) They're vintage. and (c) They can hide my "baby" fats. So here are my top picks from the brand. Same with Soak Swimwear! Hmmm. Can't wait to seep in the beach breeze while donning these babies!


The classy hues are always Out of Stock! Grrr!

Buy here

Buy here

I just bough one online! Guess which one! A clue: It's the cheapest among all the items. I am planning to buy IloveKoi sophisticated swimsuits soon! <3 div="" nbsp="">

Oh, and of course. I am not just preparing my outfits. I am preparing my voluptuous (chubby much ako) body too! Going to Aerodance class later! :)

Much love,
Summer Babe

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