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Because I Can't Have Instagram

Ookay, superbff told me I got to follow him on Instagram. Okay. Ikaw na naka Instagram. I don't have an iPhone, or an Android Phone. So, buh bye Instagram. I am uncool. Yeah, but I'd prefer this is me being incoherent to society's latest craze. Meaning, I can set my own trend and I don't bother if I am my own follower. Haha.

Set the mood, hit play. I have to include the whole vid. Love the lyrics and the font. ;}

Look what I got me!
Added a Twitpic Widget to my blog. Haven't uploaded pics in there for a while. It's there to remind me to take tumblr-ic photos. Just because the world is a beautiful place and vanity is something that everybody should dip in for some time. ;) Just don't overdo it. (Or simply because I can't do Instagram)
And because we are talking of pictures, lemme share with you a couple of shots that I have taken using my Adrienne, my pristine white phone. 

Shot Descriptions: (1) An Italian Restaurant in Tagaytay. Bummer I forgot the na…

The Good Life

Wasn't able to blog. Was kind of busy. So, where have I been all this time? My weeks in pictures.
TIP:Click on the pictures for a bigger view.


Yiiii! Friendships! We've been through a lot together -- thesis, reviews, everyday college stuff. M and A -- the lovers (at the back). I think they'll marry soon, but I pray that I marry first. Haha. Because we had this deal. Whoever gives birth to the first child will get a scholarship (high school, i think) from the rest of the guys. On the condition that the baby was made out of love legally -- in the proper time, read: after church marriage. Lol.

The water was cool, but the pool was surprisingly steep. I keep on slipping. Pft. The pool was different from the pools that I have been swimming in. I kinda don't like it, but it shouldn't end the fun, eh?

After having a shot of tequila. Lemon slices! I looooove the smell of freshly-cut lemons. 

The sexay Engineering girls. ;) 

I don't usu…

Fangirling About Basically Everything

Let's clink glasses to:

slacker momentshopes of winning an online contestkilig moments, the i-saw-you-looking-at-me high, the timid hi's, [na parang high school lang na crush2 muna. yiheee.]chances of winning a trip to Japandancing coylydancing your heart outcocktails nightbody-hugging dresses [vavavoom!]make-up rehearsals late at nighta developing fondness for a new blog - {She dreams of Whimsy}a quick taste of your ultimate dream: "Work-at-home" Mom
cocktails nightwhen you realize that you can and can't live with and without that one person  ♥über-fabulous season enders {The Vampire Diaries - Season 3!!!!}  W A R N I N G : S P O I L E R S    A H E A D They had a fight. I know you wanna stop it. Protect her from it.  But you're young. You don't see what i see.  It's not just she makes him a better person and she does;  but he changes her too. Damon challenges her. Suprises her.  He makes her question her life. Beliefs. Stefan is different.  His love i…

My ZALORA Wishlist

It's been a few weeks since I registered in ZALORA, a one-stop online fashion stop based here in the Philippines. Thanks to Nuffnang, I have discovered the magic that is Zalora! 
I am quite familiar with online fashion shops since I love doing product reviews about them. I am kind of blissful that there's a fabulous one in my own beloved country. Shipping is free. Yay. And there's a Php250 voucher upon signing up. Yay again. And, I can pay through major credit cards and Paypal. Triple yay. What more can you ask for? And they are affiliated with quality brands like Freeway, Butterfly Twists, Guess, McQueen, The Little Things She Needs and many other brands that we go for. 
I have been meaning to join Zalora's Wishlist Contest for weeks now, but I can't seem to trim down my choices. Yes, it took me weeks. Blame my busy schedule and all the stylish designs and the sexy pumps and the really sophisticated dresses, and oh, I could go on and on. 
Luckily, I have made pea…

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Please know that you are my best friend.
I love the shmoozes that we have at home and over the phone.
I miss being with you everyday.
I miss sleeping beside you every night.

I just think that you are the coolest mom.
I didn't have serious curfews back in high school and college,
as long as I text you and inform you of wherever I am.
Lol. I enjoy my freedom. You knew that I wouldn't stray.
Thank you for that trust.

You allowed me to have a boyfriend back in college,
and you knew that I wouldn't take my studies for granted.
Yay! You simply allowed me to experience life normally,
and you were constantly guiding me through it.

Adults love me, thanks to you! :)
But, you're the only one who knows how ugly my personality can get,
but you still love me with all your heart. <3

We survived those ultra rough days, with only a few pesos in our pockets.
*Apir* And everybody thought we were still rich. :)
Humility will forever stay with me,
the fear of running out of f…

If You'd Like to Date Me, Throw Me a Disc

I have been a disc freak for over a year now. Way back in college, it's only until the throws. Thanks to my officemates, I found another love.

Playing Ultimate Frisbee gives you a temporary high that could last until the next time you execute your amazing block. After that point, your addiction to the game heightens. With every assist that you make, the hunger for the game will haunt you even after you sleep. The desire for you to do better with your throws will not stop bugging you. And when you score, it'll ultimately become the highlight of your day. Or week.

Yesterday, while watching the discheads do their thing flawlessly, I realized that the game is one way of getting to know the person quickly. I mean, the whole game is not only a test of your physical abilities, but your whole personality as well. A game not requiring a referee, Ultimate Frisbee has something special going on in the form of The Spirit of the Game. It's the sportsmanship principle that humbles out …

Knowledge and Passion Lust

As of the moment, I am having an intense ardency with regards to my knowledge building and passion chase. I refuse to believe that the internet interactions that I have engaged with since two nights ago were just mere coincidences. Kismet has finally tangled me up my cobweb, and I pray that all these are in line with His will.

What ignited this burn up is a simple anonymous comment in one of my blog entries. (Btw, I am remorseful to have lost my comments in my previous blog entries due to Intense Debate upgrades, but have been contacting support.)

That wasn't the entire thing though, I have cut it along the line that would keep you on your toes as to what my action items are for my current life set-up. KKK, why did you go anonymous?! I sincerely thank you for hanging out in my blog and for the creative hunger that your comment has managed to exploit in my system. And, I am glad that you have found it quite entertaining. Fun is entertainment's sister, isn't it?
In line wit…

Luck and Cobwebs

Life is a cobweb. Nope, scrap your dusty version of cobwebs. Think of moist mornings. Serenity. Inner peace. And that cobweb underneath a lime green fern. Dew drops glistening on its intricate lines. Magical isn't it?

And I believe that each mil of the line was carefully laid out by its creator. No intersecting line was a mistake. The parallelism of some of them was also configured. The center, where the major structures of the cobweb vanishes through a point, I believe, was carefully computed, too.

If this is so, then was I destined to discover such love at a point eons farther than the origin? My love of language, my lust for life, my desire to be the ultimate damsel that I want to be. All this too late. I could have practice slot machines when I first grew my arm, then maybe I would have all the luck in the world. All money that could eliminate forehead creases. All time to do the things that I wanna do. Then, maybe my passions could engulf me everyday as I entertain them whil…

Call Me Self-Righteous, But..

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards those who have read my previous post. I think I have entertained you with that. I like the feedback! *Hugs* And I'm thinking of blogging in Tagalog on some days.

Moving on...

I have been thinking of blogging about my stand for this certain craze that has been going on for weeks now, but I don't know what your (everybody's) thoughts about me would be after I have shouted them aloud.

Here it goes.

I can be totally clueless (and this is induced) and unassuming, unless I have an inclination towards that somebody. I know you know what I mean. Flowers + Miniature Teddy Bears + Chocolates. You now know what I mean, right?

Well, I abhor the commentaries, judgments, ridicules of the surrounding people against him. I just think that he doesn't deserve all those. He has done nothing wrong against you so why allow such ugly comments to come out of your mouth? I know he is quite different from the rest, but that doesn&#…

20 Things I Want To Say To Certain People

From Little Miss Pataki's blog. List 20 things you want to say to certain people but you know you never will. Don’t say who they are.

Ito ang pinakaunang Tagalog ko na blog post. Bow. Sana matuwa kayo. Hihi. At sana di kayo magulat. May bad side din ako. Lol.

1. Masaya ako na andyan ka lang palagi kung kelan kita gustong pansinin. Kung kelan kita kelangan. Pero sana magkaroon ka naman ng lakas ng loob na gumawa ng ating version ng whirlwind romance.

2. Crush kita noon pa. Di ko naman akalain na ano. Pero kasi hindi lumevel up. Hanggang ano lang. Ang landi mo kasi.

3. Salamat sa pagbili ng bahay namin. Ewan ko kung sarcastic to or hindi.

4. Bakit kasi wala kayong ipon mula dati?

5. Salamat sa pag invite sa akin nung last time. Ang galing mo. Super. Di na naman ako makakapanood ng sunod na games niyo. Pero gustong-gusto ko talaga.

6. May babae na para sa 'yo. Relax ka lang diyan. Di mo deserve yung panglalait na tinatanggap mo ngayon. At sorry kasi nakikijoin din ako sa usap-usa…