My ZALORA Wishlist

It's been a few weeks since I registered in ZALORA, a one-stop online fashion stop based here in the Philippines. Thanks to Nuffnang, I have discovered the magic that is Zalora! 

I am quite familiar with online fashion shops since I love doing product reviews about them. I am kind of blissful that there's a fabulous one in my own beloved country. Shipping is free. Yay. And there's a Php250 voucher upon signing up. Yay again. And, I can pay through major credit cards and Paypal. Triple yay. What more can you ask for? And they are affiliated with quality brands like Freeway, Butterfly Twists, Guess, McQueen, The Little Things She Needs and many other brands that we go for. 

I have been meaning to join Zalora's Wishlist Contest for weeks now, but I can't seem to trim down my choices. Yes, it took me weeks. Blame my busy schedule and all the stylish designs and the sexy pumps and the really sophisticated dresses, and oh, I could go on and on. 

Luckily, I have made peace with myself -- I finally arrived on my top 5. Expanding my wardrobe has been a dream for quite so long now. I just couldn't buy clothes all the time since I still have other responsibilities. I have not made this up, check out My Life List. Believe me now? So, it's as if the universe has conspired for me to be able to reach my dreams. Weee! 

Now, I present to you, My Zalora Wishlist. *Taran!
You can click on the pictures for a larger version.

Wishlist Item No. 1
Because I am a thoughtful daughter, I'd like to share the number one spot in my closet reward with my mom. (And the rest are mine, bwahaha.) 

Ever since I was a kid, I would hear her say, "Hindi Wacoal yung bra ko kaya pakilapit naman yung wall (sa mahjong) mo." Translation: "My bra is not of the Wacoal brand, so can you please push your mahjong wall closer to me."  Lol. Don't get me wrong though, we only play mahjong occasionally and with family and friends only -- for fun. So, Mom, here's a Wacoal bra. Can I not push the mahjong tiles closer to you now since it is guaranteed that the straps wouldn't go off when you reach for your tile?

Maybe now that her bra is already a Wacoal, then she would feel more beautiful and confident, therefore, increasing her sales of houses and lots. Lol. She's a real estate agent. Belated Happy Mother's Day, mom! 

Wishlist Item No. 2
Because I am a dainty engineer, I would love to go to our company's technical symposium, which would be held on the last week of this month, in this dress. Who said that engineers can't be feminine and lovely? Well, newsflash, there has been an increase in our species population. 

I promised to dress dainty this year and this dress is the perfect epitome of dainty. I'd like to be confident and chic during our company's technical symposium. I'd cover up with a puffy-sleeved, rib-length blazer during the event and I can wear it as it is during the after party. Perfect. I could also wear it during my officemates' weddings. 

Wishlist Item No. 3

Because I am adventure seeker, I'd like to do a lot of things wearing this bikini. I believe summer is not over. Actually, the entire year is summer if summer to you is a way of life. Anyways, I instantly felt a connection with this piece. I have a penchant for unique things and the single black strap made this two-piece stand out from the rest. That's why I got to have it. 

Still, with My Life List and My 25 on 25 List as guides, I need to surf, snorkel and play ultimate frisbee in this Ripcurl creation. I still have this Blue Crush 2 fever going on. 

Wishlist Item No. 4
Because I am an aspiring writer, I'd like to wear one of Freeway Art Collector's Series items. I have always gazed upon Freeway's shop window ever since they have released this series. Scribbled words get my attention. Scribbled words on a dress? All the more. I salute Freeway's art tribute to Filipino Literature kings like Nick Joaquin and Jose Garcia Villa, to other Pinoy visual artists and fashion designers. I would have bought one already only if it wouldn't hurt my pockets.

Someday, I dream of my own vignettes imprinted on Freeway's quality fabrics, worn by those mannequins. During my birthday last April, my friend gave me a black shirt with my own writings on it. I was delighted, and I kind of felt secretly exalted. 

Wishlist Item No. 5

Because I am going to be a working student, (or a student worker?), I need to have a watch to remind me that a day is only comprised of 24 hours. See, I am already a professional who would like to study more because I think learning is fun and I need to do the things I love. I have to juggle my day job, online jobs and my studies (soon) so a watch would be a great friend. 

All my watches are broken already. That's because I only buy cheap ones. Now, I want a long-lasting one. I particularly like this chunky, white one for replacement. And, they are water resistant! So, I can wear them with the Bandeau while catching some waves.

There you go, readers -- My ZALORA Wishlist. 

No matter what role you have, there's something in Zalora for you. I have to tell you that they also have a fashion line intended for men and kids. Your whole family can actually shop in Zalora. If you wish to join the contest, head on to Nuffnang, register, get some ads working in your site and draft your Zalora Wishlist. Contest details here.

Be who you want to be. Be one and dress like one. Wear your role loud and proud. 

Because there's nothing wrong with dreaming big, with wanting to immerse with everything the world can offer, and with becoming the woman that you want to be -- in style. ;)

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