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Apr 12, 2011

In Case of Housemate Disputes, Smile

Happy isn't really a word to describe my day today. Today is like one of those bad hair days, made heavier by bitter longings and ended by irritating conversations.

Back then, having a bad day in school is tolerable since I know total peace and quiet is waiting for me when I go home.

My home scenario: Play with my dogs. Hug my mom. And eat a home-cooked dinner.

Now that I am older and working, I have nothing to pour my days’ negativities on to but the internet. I am lucky if everything is smooth-sailing in the apartment. However, apartment life with fellow young professionals isn’t glam. It isn’t about house parties and beer anymore.

You saw unwashed dishes on the sink this morning. You have gone home from work, yet they’re still there. Tomorrow morning, those unclean utensils are the first ones to greet you good morning while you brush your teeth.
Nevertheless, smile.

It’s a Saturday and your sleeping hours are extended. Finally, a 12-hour sleep, but, knock knock. Oh, it’s your roommate knocking at 5:30 AM. She has just gone home from partying all night long, or whatever activity she has to attend to.
Open the door, smile, and sleep again.

It’s time to pay the bills. You have already accounted your part of the bill two weekends ago. When it’s time to pay, your co-habitant tells you that you still owe him a certain amount for whatever reason. Too bad he doesn’t keep a record.
Explain patiently and smile.

It’s a good thing that while random clicking tonight, I have come across with an inspiring smile quote page,
Wear a smile and have friends;
Wear a scowl and have wrinkles.
What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other?
My housemates aren’t the perfect and cool ones that I wished they were, (the ones with a fabulous wardrobe and extra cash to fund pizza sessions) but they’re the closest ones to a family that I have here. Our apartment is our home and a home is supposed to be a haven, so why build it like nightmare avenue.

I have to stick up with them and smile.


  1. I can feel you! I know hot is it to live in an apartment with fellow professionals and the dirty dished greeting you good morning and will greet you good afternoon.

    But you're right, they're the closest thing we have here. Glad you only smile with them....continue smiling.

  2. Yep, I wish I can fast forward time to where I can have my own house with my own family. :}

    Of course, I love to smile. especially now that I'm getting older. Haha

  3. chivs, cant remember our bills again.. hehe by the way, weeeeeeeh, d ka naman nagexplain patiently and smile eh, chooobiz..


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