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30th of December oh-13

Hello. Hello.

It's the second to the last day of 2013 and I am itching to list down my new year goals, but I was accustomed to do it on my birthday and I haven't gotten my Daykeeper Journal so I am kind of slacking on it. Okay, so maybe I'll try tomorrow. On the eve of the New Year.

Anyway, I hung out in a cafe yesterday for 6 freaking hours! I did this. That's my report about motivation. I am also going to show a 10-minute animated video in between. Any suggestions? Criticisms? Wish me luck on the 4th! Mom went to fetch me on the cafe. But, we drank tea and had some duo-fies first.

I have to edit it on my phone via VSCO Cam (which I absolutely love!) because I still can't decide which is better lightroom or bridge.
Anyhoo, Christmas is also the time for mini-reunions.. Here's a pic with my highschool buddies. 

Yes, all we do is eat. 

I also went to the Christening of my 3rd nephew, Keiu! :) He is so adorbs, but I don't know how to handle an almost two-mo…

My Year {2013} in Review

Reviewing the entire year has become the culminating event of this blog. Last year,I have written it before I flew back to my hometown. This year, I am writing it here in my hometown house. :) Didn't have time to blog in my worktown! So yeah, let me reminisce the great great blessing that my Lord has bestowed me with last year.

Him + the warmth from his family 
I got a lot of chances to go back to Ilocos this year. One reason was the thing that J and I dread the most though we knew it was coming. But, as I have pointed out, life treats us hard most of the time; earth and everything assoiciated with it, our earthly bodies included, are just temporary anyway. That one unfortunate instance led me to meet the uncle and aunt that he has been telling me about. I like them. And my heart flutters everytime they ask J if I have eaten, or where am I.

As for J, it's our second Christmas as a couple, first Christmas apart. I still fall for him everyday. Scratch that, on most days. Some d…

Easy Wrapping Ideas for Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

You guys, it's Christmas time already! I have been feeling it only since yesterday because I am finally home. Even though the internet connection here sucks and my stomach ain't feeling so good (last night's tequila shots to blame?), I still feel happy.

Sssh, but I still have some late Christmas shopping to pursue. Maybe tomorrow. I sucked at wrapping gifts this year. Blame work, graduate studies and the expensive wrappers. But, today, I am going to share some ways on how to wrap your inspirational gifts for your loved ones this Christmas if you have limited time! Here are the cute ones I found in Pinterestthat are easy to follow. I need these in the coming days.


You can never go wrong with a lace. You can dress your gifts with a dainty kind of vintage finish. A simple brown paper will be instantly glammed up with a floral lace and some silky bows.

There are gift wrappers which you could play with. This one for instance features a crossword with the word &…

On Anti-Ageing: Prevention or Correction?

This is a guest post.
My ritualistic girls’ dinner is your typical cesspool of gossip and what’s the latest. I thought these weekly catch-ups kept me up-to-date on everything I would need to know from fitness and health, to the economy and other current events, to fashion and beauty.

Apparently I was wrong because, as I found out last week, all of my girlfriends are taking part in a beauty regime I hadn’t even thought about: Anti-Ageing Prevention.
In my mind, anti-ageing skin care was for my mother – or even my grandmother! Sure, I’m no spring chicken as I’m pushing 30, but I was a little horrified when friends younger than me were discussing their plans (and immediate action!) for preservation. I began to panic this was another thing I should be worrying about!
After some research, it became clear that taking steps towards preserving what I have now would be much easier than trying to restore it once it’s started to fade – or, rather, shrivel and shade. I spoke to my favourite esthetici…

Heart-Patterned Rags

Hallo there, welcome to my blog.

No, you're not lost, I just had a different layout because the previous one had this energy saving mode and it was completely rendering my blog unreadable on tablets and mobile phones once this feature was  right .

Actually, I really have nothing to talk about I just want to talk to you guys because I am missing you. I have gone over to finestquote.comfor some inspiration and I did.

Certainly the Art of Writing is the most miraculous of all things man has devised. Thomas Carlyle 
So true. I write to keep myself sane. I even write to clear my head. When I got a lot of things buzzing in my head, I need to find a pen and a paper to sort of transfer the chaos inside my head into the innocent piece of paper. Yes. Poor paper. And poor wasted ink.
So right now, I am just going to write because I don't know how I am feeling -- kind of lazy, and a little worried and regretful for not doing the things that I am supposed to do. I am also kind of feeling s…

Bittersweet. Cliché, but WTH

So, it's a Monday and I am here. On my bed. And I think this is the best Monday that I have in a pretty loooong time. It's my day off. But, tell you. My future Mondays will be a whole lot like this soon!

Mondays are ought to be spent on bed. #FreelancersCreed — Miss`Chievous (@aizanity) December 2, 2013

Anyway, I am back in my worktown and this marks my 5th day away from work. So you can just imagine how awesome I must be feeling.

However, the past weeks have been agonizing and and heartbreaking, especially for J, but life rolls that way and all we can do is to accept things. I went to Ilocos with him to express my sympathy for him and his family. I have met his family a couple of times, but I haven't met his other titos and titas who are based outside of the country.

I love being with his family. They are a happy bunch. Even though they were faced with humongous problems, they don't base their everyday mood on that. They have a time to mourn and a time to move on. I…