30th of December oh-13

Hello. Hello.

It's the second to the last day of 2013 and I am itching to list down my new year goals, but I was accustomed to do it on my birthday and I haven't gotten my Daykeeper Journal so I am kind of slacking on it. Okay, so maybe I'll try tomorrow. On the eve of the New Year.

Anyway, I hung out in a cafe yesterday for 6 freaking hours! I did this. That's my report about motivation. I am also going to show a 10-minute animated video in between. Any suggestions? Criticisms? Wish me luck on the 4th!
Mom went to fetch me on the cafe. But, we drank tea and had some duo-fies first.

I have to edit it on my phone via VSCO Cam (which I absolutely love!) because I still can't decide which is better lightroom or bridge.

Anyhoo, Christmas is also the time for mini-reunions.. Here's a pic with my highschool buddies. 

Yes, all we do is eat. 

I also went to the Christening of my 3rd nephew, Keiu! :) He is so adorbs, but I don't know how to handle an almost two-month old baby! He still can't control his head and I just don't know how to support it. =/ Boo. 

And here's a picture of a cat to end this post. 

Advance happy 2014!! :)

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