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Weekly Wishes { Week 4 | May 2014 }

I am such a sucker for lists and goals that my brain does the forward trick, making me think of soooo many things at one time, making my body dead tired to do anything. Lol. Or maybe that is just my slacker excuse for being such a lazy ass. Now, I am going to tell you all about my failed goal tracker systems. 
FAILED GOAL TRACKER SYSTEM # 1 - Wordpress Daily Tracker Blog
Anyway, I did a temporary blog on my goals. I called it, "How Did The Dame Do Today?". I was only active for three months there. Hah. I had a following though. Wordpress can really get you readers. Makes me think of migrating my personal blog in there. But again, I am toooo lazy to do it and I am quite afraid I might lose some posts. It's an abandoned blog now. Oh, well.
Last month, I started this monthly goals. Complete with typography if I may say. It went well for... a day? Yeah, just with the goal-setting part. What a shame. The poster is kind of cool. Tha…

Things That Could Happen to You if You Shout Your Vision Out Loud

I used to be that kid who would keep my Britney Oops-I-did-it-again affection in secret because I was afraid my classmates would judge me. (Of course, that was before the Slave for you and the Amy Song. I want to preserve Britney in a pink spaghetti strap with a big blue beach ball pinned in between her hip and her arms.) Anyway, bullies were present in the 90s. They're those rich kids who love signature items and whose only definition of cool is themselves.

Anyway, I've learned how to hip those neggies aside and flick my hair and stand up for what I believe in eversince I came to my senses. That was in high school. I flaunt my likes subtly. And up to this day, I have mastered the art of making my interests sound so cool that people who hear me talk about my interests would be convinced that I, indeed, is the epitome of a millennial go-getter. I was becoming a guru in several topics and I like the feeling, the honor and the perks it bring.

It gained me twitter followers, blog…

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

I have a feeling that I suck at being a great best friend, but I do have a lot of friends and kulitan buddies so I figured being my friend doesn't totally suck. However, since I want to paint a rainbow in my friends' faces and feed them with gummy bears for the rest of their lives, I am making a list on how one can be the best friend ever! Well, for twenty somethings that is.

1. Be her biggest fan without being stalkerish. 
2. Tell your girlfriend the honest truth about his boyfriend, if needed.Tell it to her face if you strongly believe that he is no good for your friend. You wouldn't want her to be miserable for her whole married life. 3. Encourage your friend to pursue her passions.  4. See to it that you both try to do something for the first time together. 5. Be the adopted daughter of your friend's family.  6. Engross yourselves in Pinterest and try some DIYs. 7. Go to photodates together! 8. Create your scrapbook online -- a blog maybe?  9. Girlfriends don't compete…

I'm Back

Booyah! I'm back! :)

It's been a crazy while and ever since my feet landed on Philippine soil, I have been skipping the nightly internet sessions. Instead, I a.) bond with the boyfriend, b.) watch some Grimm, c.)eat dinner elsewhere, d.) go window shopping or e.) sleep early. Hah!

To be fair with myself, I have been productive ever since I got back. In work. Nearly finished all my to-do things. And with my finances. Yahoo! Here are the deets:

★ First of all, we made up for the lost times! We visited the meal joints that I have missed! I have engorged the following ever since: the Spicy Chicken and peach mango pie from Jollibee, the fried tokwa in a mini-resto in front of my apartment, Manang's Chicken, Goto in a sosyal karinderya a trike away from where I live. Haha! I haven't eaten everything that I have missed yet -- talk about baked talaba, grilled squid, grilled fish! Oh my. That is reserved next week. When I go home to my hometown for several days! Yahoo. ;)

★ As…

Blowing Dandelions

I was walking on the car park, unsure of where to pass. I've been in here for three months, but still I can't figure where to pass to go to building number 5 from my area. I was walking and walking past the cars until I spotted an open gate which would lead me to the familiar road. Okay. Relief.

I am going there to bid goodbye to the bosses and the management people from my group. I just alerted them that day that I am going home the next day and they thought my flight is still next week. So, we haven't had that formal dinner, but that's okay, because the guys who are with me on The Loft (our area) treated me to lunch yesterday and I had a weird experience, but that's another story so...

Moving on, my Diesel jacket (lol, gray with pink letterings) cannot just filter out the cold, so I put the hoodie on. A car was heading towards my direction and it was Kuya N, a fellow Pinoy working in our office. He stopped, went down and said goodbye. And he said, "Oh, bawa…

Hipster Summer Bikinis I Would Wear {If I Were Skinny Enough}

I always do this online bikini shopping when I am about to go on a summer getaway. When I get back to my home country, I swear I am going to a beach where you can actually swim in, not in one that's too cold enough even just for your toes.

So, yeah. I kind of piled up again the swim suit that I would preferably sashay in if I were slim enough. My dream one day is to have that surf-hot picture in a bikini taming a wave on a pink board. Hah! Sailor-inspired ones and the pin-up vintage feels are kind of overrated so take a look at my picks:

The Floral Straight-Cut

First of all, florals never bore me. Well, the non-curtain breed ones. I think the top has a sweet innocent cut. Don't know what it's called so I decided to call it straight cut. I think this would be a great cut for a bridal gown too. The bottoms though are kind of loud because of the added strings. I would prefer the plain black one with ribbons on the side.
The One Piece with Typography
Simple, yet classic chic, e…