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May 21, 2014

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

I have a feeling that I suck at being a great best friend, but I do have a lot of friends and kulitan buddies so I figured being my friend doesn't totally suck. However, since I want to paint a rainbow in my friends' faces and feed them with gummy bears for the rest of their lives, I am making a list on how one can be the best friend ever! Well, for twenty somethings that is.

1. Be her biggest fan without being stalkerish. 
2. Tell your girlfriend the honest truth about his boyfriend, if needed.Tell it to her face if you strongly believe that he is no good for your friend. You wouldn't want her to be miserable for her whole married life.
3. Encourage your friend to pursue her passions. 
4. See to it that you both try to do something for the first time together.
5. Be the adopted daughter of your friend's family. 
6. Engross yourselves in Pinterest and try some DIYs.
7. Go to photodates together!
8. Create your scrapbook online -- a blog maybe? 
9. Girlfriends don't compete with each other. They compliment and complement. 
10. Spearhead a project (a business or a charity event).
11. Be the ultimate source of coolness! Share the freshest indie music, the coolest GoPro videos and the latest hot stock (IPO maybe) in the market. 
12. Influence your friend positively in her finances. You would want your friend not to drown in debt, don't you? Besides, it would be a whole lot of fun if you and your friend spend your retirement days together, traveling the world or something.
13. Stand up for them. Don't tolerate people who back bite your friend. Don't feel secretly happy too if those rumors make you feel like you're a better person than her.
14. Have fun without embarrassing yourselves. Don't over-booze yourselves, you aren't highschoolers anymore. 
15. Know when to blab. Whenever she's feeling down, sense it if she wants to talk about it. If she doesn't then respect it and grab some ice cream instead.
16. Inspire your friend. Know what your friend really really really likes to do for the rest of her life and help her do just that. Give her art materials if she wants to draw or a cook book if she wants to cook. 
17. Don't tell on your best friend. You know her secrets and you know things that others don't need to know. Enough said. 
18. Be a giver. Little surprises would brighten their day. It doesn't have to be bought. It can be painted, written, blogged. Create a little for your friend.
19. Sacrifice for them. There would be times that the favor your friend wants from you is difficult for you. But, if it would matter a lot to them, then I guess you could compromise a little? Or sacrifice for you love them that much.
20. Lastly, if ever you and your friend share a long-distance friendship, talk to each other outside of the social media means. That would be so overrated. Remember, 

A real friend calls.
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