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I kiss you goodbye, 2011

2011 was an ironic year.

I lost some and I gained some.

A year of doubts, letting go, giving in, taming, learning..

A year of trying out new things. And sticking to my words, but... my fb status yesterday was:

You've fixed your ♥ onto something. 
Then, there goes the unexpected things 
that would make you want to run the opposite direction. 
Whatever. Guess I'm back to my ordinary self ages ago, only sportier and curled.

I don't do rewinds. I just don't. I'd rather click on my past blog posts. Yes, I'm lazy like that.

As of now, my household is all quiet. The dogs are sleeping. The favorite one is here beside me, zzzing. My mom is busy texting downstairs and I'm here in front of the lappy. What a way to spend New Year's Eve. I dunno. I'm just off with the holidays. No fuzzy feeling, whatsoever.

Whatever. How 'bout ya? How are, or did you spend your New Year's Eve?

And, hey, 2012, I'm up for you!

Of Vintage Florals and Tea Rose Tints

To you, yes you. :) I just want to wish you a happy Christmas, one that is free of hate, of guilt, of anger, of doubts and all other negativities. I sincerely wish you well. 

Since I'm eating someone else's noche buena and (as if that's not enough) since I'm being parasitic on someone else's WiFi, this one's gonna be short. :) (We're spending Christmas on The M residence.)
Here are my favorite Christmas quotes:

If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, 
wouldn't it be a Merry Christmas?  ~ Don Meredith 
I wish we could put up 
some of the Christmas spirit in jars 
and open a jar of it every month. ~ Harlan Miller
❣Love dust and Kisses under mistletoes, Miss `C 

My First Ever Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

This post was due weeks ago, but I'm just a slacker.

Anyway, last December 11, my officemates who are frisbee addicts and I decided to take our love for the disc to another level. We signed up for an Ultimate tourney, Catch which was made possible by the UP Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG). It's a yearly tournament held by the organization. Good thing somebody stumbled about this announcement here.

So, here's us before the game. Not all of us though. Some were busy preparing their stuff, securing our things, etc.

We called ourselves ADIKs for some specific reasons. We're 14 all in all -- 11 gents and 3 ladies. Too bad O can't make it. Said she can walk, she can hop, but she can't run. :( 
And zoom this!

Yes, they were all wearing studs, football studs, but since we are using them for the ultimate frisbee game, then we shall call them Frisbee cleats. Get it? Days before the game, rain was pouring hard all over the metro. And for the big day, we were all praying…

Some Things Weird

I have a penchant for weirdness; does that make me weird? My taste for books and my preferred ending of a love story betrays this certain personality that I have.

Well, let's start with the book that I bought while I was with one of my closest high school friends: The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories. First of all, the book cover is like a vintage sophisticate, don't you think? However, my friend S, upon reading the book blurb, blurted out that the story is kind of weird. The stories are indeed weird and perky eclecticism is one of my writing ambitions, aside from steaming sensual poems. Lol. Why would S say it's weird? The stories are about lady magicians, the Raven King and Jonathan Strange. Still haven't written a review for it. My book reviews will be released next year according to my schedule. I am such a slacker.

Next, my preferred ending of a love story. Nope, it's not wedding bells, well, the wedding bells could occur in the middle of the story. It&…

Updates and BC Bloggers

I have been wanting to join BC Bloggers, but I have missed doing a blog post last time. So, now, I'm not missing it again. Thanks to mayen who joined earlier. I got encouraged to finally join.

BC Bloggers is a program wherein you can gain free exchange links. Weee! Not only that, through this, you can discover blogs that you can relate to and gain new online friends. Double weee!

Want to be discovered and read? You oughtta join BC Bloggers, too!

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café Grand Opening

I finally had my first ever blogger event -- a food tasting. Last December 13, I was there to grace the opening of Xin Wang Hong Kong Café, a restaurant serving Asian cuisine. From their 200-item menu, you can savor street favorites that are typically served in Shanghai, Macau, Singapore and of course, Hong Kong.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café is located in MOA, in between the IMAX Theater and Cabalen. When I arrived, the festivity has already started. I finally found Ma'am Lou Bognat outside the resto. She was the one who invited me to the said event.

The interior of the cafe has an air of modern fusion and minimalist, in a way. The walls are color boosted with Hong Kong city scapes and trendy Asians.
I was relieved to have a seat on the table with the other friendly Pinoy food bloggers. The coyness of being alone was washed away when my eyes have laid upon on the table full of Singaporean dishes. 

These cute little balls are what I had first. I can't resist their soft, smooth t…

An Ultimately Giddy Giddy Post

So, tomorrow is my first Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. And it's kind of raining for the past couple of days, so *sigh*.

Anyway, I have been collecting my accessories for tomorrow. Haha, yes, I want to look cute in the field. Of course, my motif? Black, pink and grey. *Grins so wide* Yes, I used to like pink and black.


I bought new sneakers because my pink Pony shoes are starting to give up. Blame the rocky field! Frisbee should be played on a flat ground. My new shoes are shape ups and my feet feel all so marshmallowy when they're inside these shoes.

The one on the left is a bandana. I figured it the scorching sun would be cruel, but I guess I'm kind of wrong. Rain could possibly pour tomorrow, but go lang nang go. And, if it does, it would be my first ever wet game! My first tourney would be most memorable if that's the case. 
The one on the right is a pair of knee socks with stars. Haha. So girly girly. I know, I know. So what? :P
And, since it's going to ra…

My First Ever Blate

I never expected to gain friends through blogging. When I started out, I just did it for myself, for the sake of writing. I battled my self-publishing idea because I fear being read, being known. I didn't know that through this, I'd be able to establish unique and strong connections with great people. I didn't know that through this, I'd  be able to become better and to have courage to be the me that I am.

But, I did. And I met two of the loveliest girls in the blogosphere.

Yesterday, our friendship has surpassed the blogosphere barriers.

Taran! I've finally met Sey of 14th Street and Mayen of Clicks and Cuts. We have been planning a blogger meet up a few weeks ago together together with Leah of Super Leah, but Lea wasn't able to make it.

Anyway, when the date and 'the plan' was all fixed, I was always nervous, excited, happy, worried, blah blah blah. Hey, it was my first ever eyeball. Add the innocence that I have in Manila Transportation 101. I have …

Souk Kafe: A Fave Local Resto

Souk Kafe, my favorite resto in the vicinity. I have discovered this place when my mother paid me a visit a few months back. I have to get off from work late, and there were only a few options left for us to dine in. Good thing, Souk Kafe is still up for some hungry mother-daughter-tita trio.

It was heaven at first bite. Eversince, I can't stop talking about Souk Kafe. I dragged my officemates to go have dinner in Souk Kafe on payday. I have already marked my favorite dishes on my first visit. So, ordering was just a breeze. 

And look, they have a new menu, which has the feel of a coaster. Can you see the prices? They're pretty affordable, eh?
Excited much? The food in here reminds me of my fondness for Thai cuisine, but Souk Kafe is inspired by Abu Dhabi's food and culture. For that night, these are what we had.

Because with us is a pizza lover, we just can't do without pizza. Our table was graced with two Mana Pizzas that night. One of them is the Garlic and Chee…