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I have been wanting to join BC Bloggers, but I have missed doing a blog post last time. So, now, I'm not missing it again. Thanks to mayen who joined earlier. I got encouraged to finally join.

BC Bloggers is a program wherein you can gain free exchange links. Weee! Not only that, through this, you can discover blogs that you can relate to and gain new online friends. Double weee!

Want to be discovered and read? You oughtta join BC Bloggers, too!

Random pic!
Now, time for me to do le bullet since I am kinda busy right now. With extra curricular activities. Lol.

  • The Frisbee Tournament was fun! I have to blog about it soon. 
  • I had my first ever blogger event slash food tasting at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café. Read my review here. It was sweet! I got to eat (for free {haha!}), then I got to meet new bloggers. Will blog about it in here soon, too. 
  • Got some advanced Christmas gifts from friends! :)))
  • I know how to commute already! Congratulate me. After 1.5 years of being here in this new city, I finally had the time/freedom/desire to go around the city -- with friends or even alone. Last Moday, I was in Cinderella Mode. Got home at exactly 12MN. My housemate was texting me, worried that I was already lost. 
  • I have several blessings online (work) and I hope my online earnings will increase next year. :) Thank you, Lord!
  • I always feel blessed when it comes to friendship. I think my friends love me. (haha.) And I always think that I am not doing that well as a friend. I'm already trying my best to be a better friend, you know, being more compassionate, thoughtful, caring. Even if it means sacrificing some of my wants. I think I'm doing well. :)
  • Im going home for the holidays! Yohoo! Ima see my mom! And my sweet sweet dogs! And my classmates! And my friends! :) Still have a lot of catching up to do!
  • My friends are into article writing, specifically product reviews already. I'm glad they're earning online already. :) At least we are generating our gala funds aka travel/online deal funds. 
  • I got to dance again. Hehe, I like dancing. :)
  • I need to do my Christmas Shopping soon! Like on Friday. Got lots to do. :(
  • My housemate taught me about this homemade diffuser that he made out of aluminum foil and attached to its camera's flash. I tried it out and that definitely solved my night shot dilemma with Adalie! I'll be glad to share it in here soon. :)
That's all! :) And, while I was adding a Life Event in my Facebook Profile, I ran through the categories -- Family, Relationships, Travel and Experiences, blah blah. I found this.

I was like, "Wahhhht?". Haha. Seriously. Would you post that date online? 

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