Weekly Wishes { Week 4 | May 2014 }

I am such a sucker for lists and goals that my brain does the forward trick, making me think of soooo many things at one time, making my body dead tired to do anything. Lol. Or maybe that is just my slacker excuse for being such a lazy ass. Now, I am going to tell you all about my failed goal tracker systems. 

FAILED GOAL TRACKER SYSTEM # 1 - Wordpress Daily Tracker Blog

Anyway, I did a temporary blog on my goals. I called it, "How Did The Dame Do Today?". I was only active for three months there. Hah. I had a following though. Wordpress can really get you readers. Makes me think of migrating my personal blog in there. But again, I am toooo lazy to do it and I am quite afraid I might lose some posts. It's an abandoned blog now. Oh, well.


Last month, I started this monthly goals. Complete with typography if I may say. It went well for... a day? Yeah, just with the goal-setting part. What a shame. The poster is kind of cool. Thanks to Canva. Google it because I'm too lazy to paste its url here. Anyway, I haven't get to track my April "Spring it up" goals. Hah. So I guess that has been my problem. 

Starting too many things at once, failing to sustain everything. But, I can tell you where I have succeed in -- Finances. Yes! Our emergency fund is about to be a closed case. Hihi. Okay, back to my goals. (See, my attention span is that of a gold fish.)

Anyway, now, I am committed to this weekly goal thing. With the help of Weekly Wishes from The Nectar Collective. Thanks to Jean again for influencing me. Hihi. So I'm joining the bandwagon! Yipeee! And now, I present to you -- 

SUCCESSFUL GOAL TRACKER SYSTEM #lastnumberever - Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective

This Weekly Wishes is like slicing two carrots at time. (Yeah, my own expression. But cutting one carrot is damn hard. I cut myself a couple of months ago when I was cooking curry.) With this Weekly Wishes, I get to fulfill my goals and bond with other bloggers! So yeah. That's why I am starting it. Here's my list for this week. And I get to review next week, Tuesday if I got it. Hah.

Wish me luck!

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