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moment 05/52: Try and Try and Try

moment 05 // How you interpret this week's moment is up to you -- all we ask is when something fails, try again.
I have been questioning myself my life choices. I have always been that easy girl, oblivious to whatever the world may spoon off her silver platter. I always see the brighter side of things, the more sparkly side of the coin. And I believe that it's both a good and a bad thing. I mean, I can always be comfortable with whatever situation I am in that I may forget fighting for the situation that I want.

I constantly fail in fighting for what I want, for what I believe in and with that, I believe I constantly fail in fighting for being myself.

If you have been reading me, you would remember how I would rant about my work. (Though, I was ecstatic working on a project in the office yesterday. Things have been different.) Maybe picking up a college degree was something I took less seriously. Because I guess that time was one of my lowest points in life. My dad died a year…

Get Hyped at Grandevour

Hey, guys! Are you looking for a wonderful food adventure? The search is over!
UP Circle of Entrepreneurs Financial Project Adhoc 2012 brings you
GRANDEVOUR A 2-day food bazaar showcasing small and emerging food franchises in the metro!

Come and experience a variety of delicious food treats at reasonable prices on February 23 (10am-6pm) and February 24 (10am-12mn) at the UP Diliman, AS Parking Lot (Lower Grounds)

Admission is free! The two-day event will also end with HYPED, a fun night-out featuring the RUN BURGER RUN CHALLENGE and PIK-A PICKUP LINE BATTLE.

Like Grandeur's FB page: visit their website: more details and updates!

See you there!

NTKYW Meme 01

I am not really a fan of meme's, but this one caught my attention because of the interesting questions. Plus, it's fun to meet a lot of new people in the net, right?

Here we go. The Dame joins Nice-to-Know-You Wednesdays! Taran!

This Wednesday's questions that I ought to answer because I am a twenty something single lady living the apartment life and I've got lots of free time are:

[1] Grab the book nearest you + find page 28, what does line 3 say?
[2] What is the last film you saw?
[3] If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
[4] Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

[5] Where were you on Valentine's Day?

Amusing questions, agree? Now, I unveil my equally, I believe, amusing answers.

[1] From Betsy Israel's Bachelor Girl,
sense of order for her brood, and, when needed, an undetectable means for A line senseless as it is complicated. Difficult to decipher, yet, it gives you the urge to know what it is all about. Just like women, who are …

moment 04/52: Mother Earth

I guess my body clock has dying batteries, I am close to missing three weeks of 52 Moments. Anyho, here is Moment 4.
moment 04 // Take a day next week to venture to the outdoors and explore your surroundings. For when you find nature, you find yourself.
This scene is cut and paste from MOA's front facade. I was here so early so there were only a few people walking to and fro. Was waiting for my mom and curling my eyelashes. 

These shots are taken from Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna. My whole family, after waiting for my mom who arrived from Iloilo, decided to check out the place. We really had funnn! Clean, family fun! :) We went here after MOA.  Will blog about the whole dining experience over at Gastronomicca soon. 
I know these are not purely nature shots, I could have gone to Los Baños hidden nature places, but I just didn't had the time. These are close-to-nature shots that I could afford for the mean time. And the whole experience had me invigorated. I miss these moments whe…

Isdaan, Laguna | A Family Love Affair

A few days before Valentine's Day, my mom came to visit me here in my work town. Weeks before, my aunts and I were planning to check out this local resto near their area, so when my mom's unexpected visit materialized, we thought that it was a sign to go.

The place is vast with many floating, mini-restaurants inside. They have the Singing Cooks & Waiters, atbp., Boodle Fight area and Barrio Fiesta. I wonder whether these restos just rent a space on this place called Isdaan. Sorry, didn't do my research.


Anyhow, the place is Bali-inspired with mermaids, buddhas and fish statues inside. A Filipino touch was also integrated into the place as there was carabaos inside, too. And penguins. And monkeys. So, it's just a little bit of several cultures. 

And there's Goofy, the Angry Birds, and even Mr. President Obama and the First Lady. And, of course, some dinosaur eggs. Cracking dinosaur eggs.
Mom and I arrived at the place at 1 PM already. The rest of th…

Unofficially Yours, I Keep My Emotions a Secret

My baby fats are coming back. That means I'm growing younger. :)

Borrowed those lines from facebook. Haha. Seriously though, I think I have an eating problem. I want to eat everything I see -- from food stalls to the fridge in our apartment.

I'm blabbing about food out of repression. I stopped myself from buying a bag of sour cream-flavored popcorn for our movie date. They're my favorite and I am kind of guilty for making myself suffer. But, I was still full since we just had our lunch at Focaccio. And there we were lining up with the entire portion of the Glorietta population to watch the post-Valentine movie craze, Unofficially Yours.

And if I have to rate it, I have to hand over an extra star. I loved it! I am so glad that the Filipino movie industry is picking up. And that the Filipinos have grown to support our own films. I've overheard two ladies talking that the first two days earned Php40M na. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm too lazy to do my own research…

I Believe in Old-Fashioned Love

I have been thinking.. for a while now about the thought that is about to unfold as you progress in this reading.

Come on and fall in love, play me
Love, overrated, I know, but I was thinking about it. And, in my mind, I was comparing a newly sprouted love seed to an aged, sturdy, if not dying, love tree. The first few months in a relationship is when our hormones are fiercely pumping in our entire body. Sort of like flirting. Exclusively. But, after a year, that very feeling slowly disintegrates. And being comfortable with each other comes in. Relationships are formed from flirtationships, I suppose.

My words would be strawberry seeds compared to this tumblr piece's enormous watermelon. Hence, I would like to share the beauty of sincerity that these spilled ink can impart.

Breathtakingly true. A bang in the face. Or a comforting idea that we secretly thank that we've read. Moreover, love of this honorable kind, is further described by one of the most amazing people that have …

I Vow to Make You Love Life

I've been hanging out in a different place. I'm trying to find my happy place. I need to get rid of the January chillies and bring back the December flair.

I'm simple. Making me smile isn't a complicated process.

Anyhow, time for some random thoughts. Slacker mode, I know.

Mom made a quick visit. Arrived Sunday. Went home today. =) She's my Valentine's date.Went to Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna with the entire family. *love*n*joyDinner dates with momAnd, I've been hanging out somewhere else. Sorry? I'm gonna tumble again in Aizanity. Now, more personal posts. :)
And, reblogs go here: ivowtomakeyoulovelife
Thought I needed to take my mind off things and tumblr is one of the best ways in achieving the happy goal. (I realized I'm in love with layouts with plain, white background.) Watched The Vow. Loved Channing, so-so with the story, but I love the vows! I always wanted to marry somebody who has a way with words for the sole reason that I want his vows to be …

No Other Way But This

Torturing myself by giving in to Just because it's the love month. x(

Untouched,  the faint, blurry memory  of your smell. I'll be staying. Though we love like dogs and fight like wolves.

Valentine Soundtrack: We're In Love

Since February opened its heavenly gates, I was inspired to do a series of Valentine soundtracks, each of which shall be a specially made concoction for the different relationship status holders.

So, let's get going. *boing boing

We're absolutely in love with each other.

Second by second,  I weave into a web of you. I try to detangle -- to detach.  Infallible, not.
And it's b l i s s when you're trapped as I'm caged inside you.
Valentine by Kinna GrannisThe Way I Am by Ingrid MichaelsonBeautiful Thing by The Pierces1 2 3 4 by Plain White T'sInfatuation by Maroon 5More of You by Mozella Texting each other nonstop. Every weekend together. Can't stop thinking about him/her. Yes, the first few months are like this. And for the selected few couples out there, still stays the same. 
Because love is supposed to be an addiction. XD
Stay tuned for the other love themes!

Post Script. Have a song in mind? Leave it on my comment section. I might include it in this list.…

I Must Have Done Something Good

The seventh was continues to prove itself as a special a day. If it were a cocktail shot, then it would have been made of superficial pain, casual rides and little life trinkets.

A shot of Ceravix which made me cancel my usual Tuesday dusk jog. Tricycle rides just to take a bite of my all-time fave, Peach Mango Pie. Dried blue flowers squeezed in between the leaves of my things-to-do journal. Fairytale-ish Google theme which I kind of fancied. Anti-Valentine little pink books which can cheer up ill-tempered, realistic men and women a.k.a. curmudgeons.

A couple of news and little everyday actions, which I suppose can make me smile, were shoved on the palm of my peeling hands. (Blame Ariel and the Saturday chore.) So, yay! I'm telling you soon.

As for you, my lovelies, I'm encouraging you to get your shots of Ceravix to counter Cervical Cancer. Jog while listening to your favorite music (It'll give you the feeling that you're the super hot and uber pretty sporty chick i…

Keep Calm and Pray

I was still in the office when the news of the earthquake that hit Visayas escaped the internet. I instantly texted my mom to check if they're okay. Turned out that they're even in some resort, checking the place for a social event in their company.

Earthquake Events:

Date and Time 06 Feb 2012 – 7:33 PM
Epicenter: 10.00N, 123.15E Depth of Focus: 1 km Magnitude: 4.8 Location: 8 km N14W of Tayasan (Negros Oriental)
Intensity 4 - Iloilo City

Good thing they're okay. And good thing they're home. Mom said she had a difficult time chasing after Boom2,  my ever stubborn dog. As of the moment, she is lighting up a candle (a blessed candle from Maria Candelaria Church, Pardon, as she fondly calls it.) She laid the bible open at Psalm 91.

The aftershocks stopped.

Let me share to you Psalm 91.

God our Protector Whoever goes to the Lord for safety,                                                                                      whoever remains under the protection of the Almighty…

Smitten by the Love Bug

It's February and I wanted my romantic side to take over. Better avoid 3 cheese pizzas because you'll get more of the said toppings from this post than you'd ever do your entire life. :) Okay, I am exaggerating.

As usual, if you want to be carried away with the moment, hit play.

At some point or another, I am sure you had your fair share of love infatuation fantasies. I mean, in a girly way. You're lazily lounging on your bed and you daydream... about your crush, or your boyfriend, or your husband. Then, you'd smile. Come peek into mine. 

I'd like to... kiss you under a polka dot umbrella ☂ under the pouring rain share a glass of warm milk with you on a lazy Saturday morning secretly hold hands with you do concept photographyŸŸ  ŸŸwith you re enact Little Mermaid's Kiss the Girl in a lagoon somewhere play a white grand piano Ÿand sing for you  have roadtrips with you and have stops for some carefree shots watch countless episodes of Big Bang Theory with yo…

moment 03/52: Conquering Fears

moment 03 // Go do something you're afraid of. I can't bike. True, I can't until I was already in college. My friend told me that I didn't have a happy childhood because I don't know how to ride a bike when every kid should. Maybe I was too scared to be scarred. Then. 
But, months after I turned twenty four, I realized I am getting old and there's nothing fun going on in my life. I was.... boring. So, from that day forward, with the help of this blog, I decided I want to become awesome. But in case, I failed to do so, blame it to PMS, I'm-broke days and loneliness attacks. 
Anyho, I did something spontaneous tonight -- I rode a motorcycle. Well, at the back with my friend driving, and with a helmet. Yay. Well, I had something to do at work and I decided to extend a little bit. It just so happens that one of my office mates is going out, too. So, not wanting to walk the stretchy streets with my heavy backpack, I instantly cried, "Pasabay!". (Let me…

I'm Like a Dog Whose Tongue Goes Whack

Today is the first day of the love month and I am starting my month with a blog post full of love -- a happy blog post.

I remembered scribbling my dream on a piece of paper. Our aspirations were to be printed beside our graduation photos in our yearbook. I just can't remember whether it was in elementary or high school. Did you know what I wrote? Of course, you wouldn't.

*Snicker*Smite me.

Well, I simply wrote "to be happy" and an adult (I forgot who) questioned that. Said my aspiration was not that impressive to gain the right to be printed on my yearbook.

I guess she was wrong and she didn't understand life at all. I guess being happy is our ultimate goal here on earth, after pleasing God and feeding that hunger of going to heaven when we die.

It might sound superficial. Corny. Shallow. But, being happy is a life driver. It makes everyday special. It makes us want to give more than we could. It makes us want to share the good feeling we have inside. It makes u…