moment 05/52: Try and Try and Try

moment 05 // How you interpret this week's moment is up to you -- all we ask is when something fails, try again.

I have been questioning myself my life choices. I have always been that easy girl, oblivious to whatever the world may spoon off her silver platter. I always see the brighter side of things, the more sparkly side of the coin. And I believe that it's both a good and a bad thing. I mean, I can always be comfortable with whatever situation I am in that I may forget fighting for the situation that I want.

I constantly fail in fighting for what I want, for what I believe in and with that, I believe I constantly fail in fighting for being myself.

If you have been reading me, you would remember how I would rant about my work. (Though, I was ecstatic working on a project in the office yesterday. Things have been different.) Maybe picking up a college degree was something I took less seriously. Because I guess that time was one of my lowest points in life. My dad died a year before I entered college and my life drastically changed. I guess I just moved with life without even thinking, without the slightest interest for it. The will to move on with life chameleoned itself as my zest for life.

But, enough with the life replay and drama. You know that I want to be a writer, in any form, in any level.


That's why I blog. I want to be read. I want to be influential with my words. I want to make sense. The things that come with my blogs have been good to me. The emails and invites, the friendships and comments were the good juice. If not for my deep thoughts written in this blog, I would have believed it if people tell me that I am one shallow, happy-go-lucky person.

I want to be a writer. I believe that I need to do things, go to places, feel emotions, commit mistakes, chase adventures and write about it. I make myself believe that I was born to touch the lives of other people through my words. And I recently got an email that affirms me that what I do today could be leading to that paved path that I want to tackle. But, I am too afraid to sashay in that path, but I am there.

Wish me luck. I wouldn't want to stop dreaming. Just yet. 

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