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I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

I am halfway through my twenties. Oh, how fast the time flies. And, on the absence of a full-length mirror inside my room, I get the creeps whenever I am faced with one on some occasions. Like when I fit floral tops on department stores. I am getting fatter! Ugh.

It's true. The more you age, the faster you accumulate fats, the slower you get rid of them. To counter this I-am-fat mantra, I am happy to have found garments that could make me feel better about myself -- Wacoal. My mother used to always mention this brand. And now, I know where her fascination with this brand roots.

How can you be body beautiful at any age with W a c o a l?

Donning this three-quarter cup with embroidered details would bring out the inner diva in me. It is slightly padded so this style is ideal for me, enabling me to achieve that cleavage effect since the cups push the bust from side to side. That way, my slightly bulging stomach will be covered by the protrusion on the upper part of my body. Plus, the …

The World is Such a Cruel Place

The world is such a cruel place to live in. I can finally attest to it after I have managed to detach myself from the wicked web of the majority ofnormalpeople. People whose stand goes beauty isnotneverskin deep. People who believe that only the beautiful ones deserve to be treated fairly. This coming from beautiful people? Acceptable, but still mean. This coming from the very people who don’t even have a tinge of beauty, skin deep or skin shallow? Go borrow Snow White’s witch’s mirror please. (Pardon for this, I am only human, allowed to say the truth, inevitable to be harsh when infuriated.)
V a n i t y is a cultural and social thing that we can not deny or stop. I myself have been a part of the only-the-pretty-ones-deserve-pretty-things mob since the beginning of time. Maybe because I, well excuse my egotistical side, uhm, according to people, belong to the lucky beautiful species. Well, I am going to agree, but I am on the bottom pile of the “royal” hierarchy.

I get free coffee. I …

Dinner at French Baker

I blame two years of non-cooking essentials interaction for my constant need to eat out. However, dinner at the French Baker reminds me that eating out can be a good thing. It's one of the pricey (for me) places that actually have a good return for your money. It has a homey appeal, too. I wish they have a separate branch that isn't located in a mall. 
Anyway, I was feeling a little heavy and guilty of all the cholesterol intake that I decided to go only for soup and my all time favorite bread -- Croissant.

I opted to go for the Soup Starter, their soup of the day. After all, I love thick, creamy soup and croutons! I am a sucker for bread. Their soup started comes along with a wide bread stick with black and white sesame seeds, they call it lavash bread cracker. I know a classy resto when I eat those oven-fresh crisp bread.

The croissant is my all-time favorite bread. I was mentally having a debate with myself whether to have the Ham and Cheese Croissant or the Tuna Turno…