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And He replied :}

I think this is His reply to my previous blog post.
He understands me and actually talked to me through this message. And reading this has assured me that I am not alone. And I need not understand what is going on around me right now. That all I have to do is trust Him and wait. Something beautiful is about to come. 
Happy long weekend, guys! And let's offer a mass for all those that we gravely miss. I've been missing my dad ever since he left, but I'm sure that he's now in a happy place. It's just a shame that he can see everything that I do, or I believe he can. Including those things that I'm not particularly proud of. Haha. :}

Overthinking kills

Set up the mood. Push the play button. :} It's Candice's Accola's Hard to Say Goodbye. I just love the Chevrolet part. 

When you finally realized you're not that perfect daughter that adults love..
When you seem not to care if everything does not go your way..
When you see people who start to care for you the way that they shouldn't..
When you talk to your friends and liberating yourself in the process..
When you drink beer and get that temporary high more than once a week..
When you sip and chew on chocolate chips from your Starbucks frap afterwards..
When people, strangers or friends, have been telling you that they missed your posts..
When someone encourages you to do something you love..
When you start to open yourself to someone for the first time..
When you finally get to hear things that you don't want to hear..
When you screw up for the first time in your life..
When someone finally thinks you're dumb and shallow..
When wrong emotions have become co…

Scratching Challenge

I've stumbled into ZoeWrites and got interested in blogging about the Scratch off Challenge.  So, here.

Appearance! I have/had piercings besides the ears. I want piercings besides the ears. I have many scars. I tan easily. I wish my hair was a different colour. I have friends who have never seen my natural hair colour. I have a tattoo. I want a tattoo. I can be self confident about my appearance. I have/had braces. I have more then two piercings.
Embarrassment! Disney movies still make me cry. I've laughed so hard I cried. I've glued my hand to something. I've laughed until some kind of beverage came out of my nose. I've touched something sharp/hot to see if it would hurt.
Health! I've gotten stitches. I've broken/dislocated a bone. I've had my tonsils removed. I've had my wisdom teeth removed. I've had chicken pox. I've had malaria. I've had typhoid. I've had jaundice.
Travel! I've been on a plane. I've been to the US. I've been to Euro…

A Cool Cellular Combo with Straight Talk

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine. It's not the first time that I have come across with Straight Talk. My strongest memory of this cellular service provider is their funny Straight Talk commercial. That made me laugh so hard my jaw hurt. Anyway, now Straight Talk is up to something better. They now have Android phones. Yeah, great news, right? With Android phones, you get all the games and apps that you need and want. You'll have a smart phone with a smart plan. Unlike other cellular service providers, there are no underlying credit checks, surprise bills and contracts. For only $45 per month, you can now access The power of Android. This price is reasonable and affordable enough as this plan is good for unlimited use already.  You can be sure that Straight Talk phones, Android or not, are reliable since the company only works with the leading phone manufacturers worldwide like Nokia, Samsung, Kyocera, LG and Motorola. Also, if you want a c…

Love is a Mutt Announcement

As of this hour, this blog is completely music-free. I transferred my Mixpod in my more personal blog, which can only be read by me. That way, the reader (only me) cannot and does not have the right to be irritated with the tracks.

No, I won't tell you the address. Hah! Even if you get to visit my secret blog, you wouldn't be able to read the posts because they are encrypted. Hah! A double-locked diary. Nyenyenye. I made that to actually save you from my weak, ugly, wretched, angry side. So, thank me.

Lol, anyway, here's the result of the poll.

Thank you, sixteen people who participated in the poll. At least, I am happy that only one said that I have an awful taste in music. I like those unpopular, feminine songs. My latest addiction? Candice Accola's Eternal Flame. Love the revival! And I have actually tracked those nine people who were irritated by my music. I am now stalking you. Kidding. I know some of them -- my offline friends. One was brutally honest and told m…

Dulgies: My All-Time Favorite Dessert House

It's been a discovery of love. I mean, the boif brought me here and eversince, I loved this place to death. Dulgies!!!!

That's the boif's refelection. I took the picture. I love the theme, the concept, the colors (pink, white and brown!). Everything, even the music played. If you were playing the game, Chocolatier, then you would have an idea on the music played inside this sweet place.

Okay, since I can't get over you not having the slightest idea of what music they were playing inside, I researched for you. Hit play! ;}


As you step inside, you'll feel as if you're taken out of Iloilo City and into dessert dreamland. The black-and-white tiles compliments the striped chairs. The huge wall mirrors, as we know it, gave the place the needed extra space illusion. And the round lights balls with brown swirls will make you think of chocolate. And the music will definitely stimulate your auditory nerves. Think of Facebook's Cafe World.

I am a sucker for re…

My Favorite Vampire Diaries Couples

Vampires can't get enough of the blood. I can't get enough of Vampire Diaries. It's like I have resurrected after a vampire fed me his blood. Only I'm not thirsting for blood, I want the next Vampire Diaries episode.

Congratulate me for finishing the entire two seasons and the couple of new Season 3 episodes in 2-3 weeks. The show started back when I was still in college, but I never get to watch it because back then, I was crazy about Gossip Girl, of which I am now three seasons delayed. I'm going to catch up soon, Blair. I promise. I'm good at it {catching up}.
So, because I can't have my own lovelife right now, (we're an LDR couple), I entrust fiction couples and love songs to bring out my love hormones. (Aside from chocolates, of course.) And boy, do they work well. And, right now, I am going to rave about my favorite couples from Vampire Diaries! :) *lub dub dub* Hear my heartbeat.
Fave Couple No. 1: Damon and Elena 

I know, they are not supposed t…

Being the Meantime Girl

I have been losing the spark to blog because I feel something real, weird, wrong, exciting. I am doing that vague blabbing about. I really can't tell what it's all about. And I haven't blogged because I am so engrossed with the Vampire Diaries. I'm about to watch Season 3 right after finishing this post.

For the mean time, I would like to share this article on being the Meantime Girl from GirlTalk. I just thought it's worth sharing to you. :)

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Being the Meantime Girl

She's the one you call when you're bored because she makes you laugh. She's the one you talk to when you're feeling down because she's willing to lend an ear and be a friend. She's not the one you call when you need a date to your company's Christmas party, or to go dancing with on a Saturday night. She's the one you spend time with between girlfriends, before you find "The One". You know,

My Super Adventure

One fine day, my dog and I went out for a walk.

We saw a locked box, so I made a key appear magically to open up it up. I made myself a balloon to take me up, but the balloon turned out to be a dragon's egg, which cracked open before I even floated up in the air. The baby dragon grew exponentially and attacked me. So, I drew a large sword to protect me and my dog, but the dragon was so strong that he breathed fire to our direction.

This caused the box behind and everything around us to fire up. But the fire saved us, the hanging coin from somewhere fell down because the one that holds it up was consumed by the fire. The coin fell on the dragon's head. And he died. To stop the fire from harming us, I drew a rain cloud. Rain fell and put out the fire.

Unfortunately, the rain filled everything up that my dog and I were drowning so fast. Next thing I knew, there were sharks lurking at us. And, I drew a drain to get rid of the water. Phew. Saved.

That was my adventure for today. :…

iQuote the Legendary Steve Jobs

By now, you would know that Steve Jobs has died from pancreatic cancer, but he has left us with wonderful, amazing creations.

I salute thee, Steve Jobs. I hope I can find my own happiness just like you did. Your thoughts have influenced me and made me feel what I feel today.

You are a great loss to this world.


Get to know his thoughts about life, work and happiness.

Chasing Cakes at Chocolat

Whenever I go to MOA to meet up with some friends, I always pass by Chocolat. And when I do, all the moist cakes seem to flirt with my appetite. I am a damsel and I am weak, so I gave in.


Yumm, these cakes make me want to go live in Land Chocolat everyday.


I enjoyed my first minutes in this little cake cafe. Look at this wall frame -- everything chocolat.

And here is their menu, hanged for every one to see.

I like this certain portion of the menu, so I zoomed in to take a shot of it. Love the font and the wavy way which it was painted. Reading, you now know how to correctly pronounce Chocolat. Silent T. 

They have these waiting numbers with chocolate quotes. I got a particularly famous quote about life and chocolates. Cute, huh? 


Strawberry Cheesecake for me. It's creamy and all, but it's not my type of cheesecake.

My mom had Carrot Chocolate Cake. All carrot cakes always have this carrot icon on top and that's just so cute. She and I always …

This B*Witching Bridge in my Head

I think I am having a quarter-life crisis and in my head, I walk this bridge every single day, only to end up on the very same point where I have started to trod.

All those drop-your-current-life-setup-and-seek-your-true-happiness quotes, pictures and stories that I have stumbled upon over the internet made me feel this way. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I know I want a new life that could save me from my everyday mundane undertakings. Honestly, I think I made the wrong decision in college. And I am willing to make another wrong, bold decision after my first job. After all,
Bad decisions make good stories.
I am once again, as what I have told my friends this morning, withdrawing from the world. And I am afraid that I am so damn good at it. I go with the flow like a dead fish can keep up with the stream.

I am seeking for challenge, but now that challenge is starting to pick up a fight with me, I walk the other way. Chicken. And I want to tackle the farther ro…

Discovering TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TRESemmé. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been obsessed with my hair for quite some time now. I confess a hefty portion of my grocery budget  go straight to my tresses.
You see, I have thin strands of hair and my friends would always tell me that. But now that I have them permed, they projected more volume as my straight hair used to. I've read in magazines that in order to not abuse your hair, you should not use shampoo everyday, but that would just be so gross since my hair gets too oily when I skip shampoo.
But, then, I heard of TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. With this hair product, I can still have that glamorous hair though I skipped shampooing it for like two days. To achieve the best results, remember all these tips: Shake the bottle vigorously before using it and in between spray bursts. Lift portions of dry hair so that you can spray lightly at the roots of your hair. Don't use it like a hair spray, sprayi…

Those über feminine songs drive my stress away

It's October 1st! 85 more days until Christmas and I'm still broke. Argh.

I'm feeling a little mad today since I think Adalie might not be well. I am speaking about my GE x5 camera, which I named Adalie. A friend borrowed her. Have I told you that I have a hard time saying no to friends? The friend told me the screen turned pink. And that is not a good sign. I researched, being the internet freak that I am, all about the pink screen. And from what I've read, I guess the CCD (charge coupled device) is broken. And I still don't get to see Adalie now. I'm getting restless and anxious. I hope I get my camera back tomorrow.

I still have the warranty, but I sigh when I think of the hassles and the unnecessary bills-coming-out-of-my-wallet thing. It's not my day. I hope the rest of October wouldn't be as cruel as this. Maybe next time, I wouldn't let anyone borrow my gadgets. I know they would understand.

To take my mind off this, I listened to the new so…