This B*Witching Bridge in my Head

I think I am having a quarter-life crisis and in my head, I walk this bridge every single day, only to end up on the very same point where I have started to trod.

All those drop-your-current-life-setup-and-seek-your-true-happiness quotes, pictures and stories that I have stumbled upon over the internet made me feel this way. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I know I want a new life that could save me from my everyday mundane undertakings. Honestly, I think I made the wrong decision in college. And I am willing to make another wrong, bold decision after my first job. After all,

Bad decisions make good stories.

I am once again, as what I have told my friends this morning, withdrawing from the world. And I am afraid that I am so damn good at it. I go with the flow like a dead fish can keep up with the stream.

I am seeking for challenge, but now that challenge is starting to pick up a fight with me, I walk the other way. Chicken. And I want to tackle the farther road to be happier, but the thought of me being gone from my usual space would surely leave a dent in several lives. I want the easy, breezy way of life. You know, sipping cocktails in bikinis by your pool side while your secretary updates you with your cash flows.

Yes, I am lost. In my pretty, tumblr-y slash pinterest-y kind of {made-up} world.

And this so far from the me before. I always know what to do. These past few months, I am... a wayward muse. I have formed a penchant for being a yuppie nomad. I am uninspired. News Flash. The impeccable daughter is now a blithe damsel {in distress}.

I want to love. I want to help. I want to give. I want to write. I want to kiss. I want to jump. I want to snorkel. Maybe my problem is wanting so many things, dreaming of several personas of me.

I have to figure it out one of these days. I shall figure it out.

But, for now, I give in to this feeling and spend my nights having Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries Marathons.

Post Script. And I have added music to my blog. Most are from the epis of PLL. Do you like it? Or is it distracting and annoying?

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