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Weekly Wishes { Week 1 | July 2014}

Ooops, skipped a week. No biggie though. I can be excused because I was sick, remember?

Anyway, last week was kind of a busy one since I'm back to schooling once again. And the square pics are from my Instagram account.

(1)I made banana-chocolate pan breakfast for myself. (2)The juice with the paper straw was taken during my lunch-out with my LK buddies, the people I spent with during my Ireland days. (3)The sunny, LA-ish pic was take outside my office when I went home early. (4) Chilling on a swing over water in Magic Island, Boracay. (5) Me in PJ's when I was sick. I could almost taste that WAHM feeling. (6) Free choco-banana SB drink, which J and I didn't like. Thank heavens we didn't order it. I have to bribe myself to work. I have to go visit SB. (7) That saying was brilliant. Too bad you can't read it. Hah! Check out my instagram to read it, will you? (8) Flavors for the regular coffee. I chose Macadamia and it was divine. (9) Free candies for us when we wen…

Slow Mo Manila and its Video Booth Glory

I am an awkward person in front of the camera. I take the most boring pictures in photobooths.

I don't know with you, but don't you think photobooths have become overrated these past few years? I mean, it was all cute at first with all those costume props and wacky shots with your friends. It has become the ultimate take-home, anti-vanity souvenirs. Remember those wedding souvenirs when all you can see is this picture of the bride and groom? Well, photo booths have solved that problem -- they made souvenirs extra exciting by allowing the guests to take home a piece of item with their faces on it.

But, have they become boring?

Well, I think they are fastly approaching the boring scale.

Pft. I hate to spill this to you (because I was planning of having the first ever video booth on my wedding, the first ever in my circle of families and friends), but I just can't contain this news all to myself, right? Hear this. There's a new twist in photobooths and it has been rockin…

No Props, No Costumes -- Just Pure Performance

Are you aware of Open Mic Nights? If you have seen 22 Jump Street, you'd see a scene where Schmidt tries to do a poem for the murdered college girl and he kind of rocked, but messed up. Open Mic Nights is a dream. I always see it on movies and TV shows and as a girl who grew up writing her heart out, participating in one would be like an ultimate thing.

With the help of Speak Philippines, I think that dream would be realized pretty soon. They hold Open Mic Nights at Sev's Cafe and I wish to go there very soon. Anyway, speaking of poetry slamming and emotion-pumped nights over coffee, here's another art-scape which, I hope, would take over the Philippine literature very soon. There's this dramatic reading which launched last June 15, 2014 in Century City Mall. This is called Upstart Soundstage, spearheaded by Miss G. Tongi.

Upstart Soundstage is like a full-length drama, comedy or muscial, only different because there's no props, no costumes -- just pure performanc…

5 Ways to Spend Your Days When You Have Measles

I was feeling off since Sunday. We were supposed to go to Manila to meet up with bf's friends, but I wouldn't budge from the bed. I feel sick. This lasted until Wednesday, but I was still going to work. I even worked overtime for three straight days. It was on Thursday when the red dots began to appear on my arms. Company doctor said they were allergies. He didn't even get my temperature. My friend even gave me a better diagnosis -- viral exanthem. She got that back in college.

Come Friday and the red dots are practically everywhere -- my face, legs, arms, my tummy, my neck, ugh. It's like I was bitten by ants all over my body. I filed for an SL. The good thing is they don't itch! And I get to spend 5 days my way! No work. (Yahoo!) No masteral classes. (Boo!) I was kind of excited to go listen to my teachers and this happened. So, I went to the hospital to go to a real doctor. He told me that I need to stay at home because I wouldn't find it nice if I get to i…

Weekly Wishes {Week 3 | June 2014 }

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 
This is how my Sunday went. I was feeling sick. I was sick actually until today. But thanks to Biogesic, it was gone. I don't need to be sick. There's just a pile of stuff waiting to be done at work. Anyhow, let's start the week with weekly wishes, shall we?
Last Week's Wishes★ Photo Date ★
Sadly, no. I spent the whole Saturday in school. Sunday, on my bed. Argh.
★ Finish Enrolment ★
Yezzz. I finished last Friday. I ended up having 9 units. We just need to take up Management in Information Technology just to have the Techno MBA degree. DLSU-D is eliminating the Techno MBA and we're the last of this kind. So we just have to take this up. We're like only 12 in the class. The others were waiting for this subject since like 2011? I must be lucky? Even though I have to spend my 8am's to 6pm's in school. Every Saturday. One hour break and that's all. Woohoo. Good luck to me.
★ Finance Article Blog ★
Done! Looking forward to its publica…

Weekly Wishes {Week 2 | June 2014}

Hey, there. Happy Independence Day to us! :) It's the 12th. The Filipinos were freed today 116 years ago, but the boyf and I weren't from work. We went to work, but we ended up doing nothing in there. Because there were a lot of people who went to work earlier and we were like fighting over the equipment. Anyway, the plant you see up there is a guava seedling. Our company do have this "Adpot a Tree" program every now and then and it's my first time to participate! I was thrilled. We got a Red Malaysian Guava and a Lemon Tree. Yes, a lemon tree! :) More about Jess and Lemorie (Yeah, we gave them names) on my future posts!

Back to today. It was raining today and I kind of woke up late and I love the feeling of waking up to the sound of the rain. So, you could say that my day started out good. However, I failed last week's wishes. Here is a blow-by-blow account:

Last Week's WishesDAY TRADE + EARN.
I traded, but I haven't earned. Oh well, the highs and l…