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Millennial Hipster On the Rise

Awkward Post Intro
Are you a Millennial Hipster on the rise? Yeah, me, I guess so I am. Have to do this post before I go cray cray because a bunch of things were swarming my brain and heart at the same time. Those things are my current passions, which you might be sick and tired of hearing by now, but still, I am gonna enumerate them: writing, lettering, dreaming of making serious money out of my passions and encouraging others to give in to their passions. :) *Ching. 
What is a Millennial Hipster by the way?
Let's take it piece by piece, shall we?
Millennial (n.)  Special little snowflake. Born between 1982 and 1994 this generation is something special, cause Mom and Dad and their 5th grade teacher Mrs. Winotsky told them so. Plus they have a whole shelf of participation trophies sitting at home so it has to be true.
Hipster (n.)Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics,…

A Practical Winter Fashion List

What excites me when short-living on a new city is the new fashion that I can experiment with. My first taste with winter fashion developed when I get to live in Baguio City for a couple of months for my on-the-job training in a semiconductor company. Temperature is normally 18C there and even fell to 9C in January. I gave the leggings + doll shoes combo a shot there.

But now that I am here in Limerick, things get a whole lot better, fashion-wise, since I have an excuse to wear and buy boots! Always loved the winter outfit. Yeah, so now, I am going to work on my fashion closet so that I could buy practical things. Translation: I can wear them even if I go home to the Philippines.

Side note: Do you know what other thing I love about the cold weather? It makes you lose fat as if you have just worked out. Ten minutes of shivering will make you lose the same amount of fat as one hour of working out. So yay! It's not just all about blood pressure it has something to do with brown fat h…

Five Affordable Places to Go in Manila This Valentines

Valentines this year will fall on a Friday and will likely be a payday for a lot of people but that doesn’t mean that you can splurge for your Valentines date. There’s still 364 days of the year to express your love to that special someone, so going for more affordable options will let you stretch your money for the rest of the year. Restaurants in Manila are known to jack up prices during Valentines so it just becomes much more expensive for couples to celebrate this special day. The same is true for flowers and prices for flowers in Dangwa start climbing a few days before Valentines. Read on for five suggestions on places around Metro Manila where you can go on a date for Valentines that will not break the bank yet still provide you and your date a memorable experience.
UP Fair
Want to go for some music and food for Valentines? Then the UP Fair is one of the events you can go to for hearts day. Held annually at the Sunken Garden, UP Diliman in Quezon City, this year’s UP Fair will r…

Forever Grateful

Hello there, beautiful.

I'm back and I'm feeling oh so blessed. SUPER BLESSED actually. I've disregarded the mishaps already. They're nothing compared to the outpour of blessings and positivity in my life right now.


To start with, I just had my first VISA stamped. And I just had my first international flight. My first connecting flight. My first international flight food. Lol. I am in Limerick, Ireland right now. For work. Same work. Just an offshore training.


I am here to work with a couple of Irish engineering guys. Others are Hollywood gorgeous. Lolers. And the women are soooo pretty and I like what they're wearing. There are other nationalities who are just friendly and friendly. I even feel like a joke because I feel so small around them and I am a girl and they're like this ENGINEERS (all caps to stress that they're man and huge). But I feel ridiculously awesome. Also, the lady (our project manager)…