A Practical Winter Fashion List

What excites me when short-living on a new city is the new fashion that I can experiment with. My first taste with winter fashion developed when I get to live in Baguio City for a couple of months for my on-the-job training in a semiconductor company. Temperature is normally 18C there and even fell to 9C in January. I gave the leggings + doll shoes combo a shot there.

But now that I am here in Limerick, things get a whole lot better, fashion-wise, since I have an excuse to wear and buy boots! Always loved the winter outfit. Yeah, so now, I am going to work on my fashion closet so that I could buy practical things. Translation: I can wear them even if I go home to the Philippines.

Side note: Do you know what other thing I love about the cold weather? It makes you lose fat as if you have just worked out. Ten minutes of shivering will make you lose the same amount of fat as one hour of working out. So yay! It's not just all about blood pressure it has something to do with brown fat hormones

So, here are the top things in my practical winter fashion list.

Knitted Tops

This looks cute, but with the current weather, I just might not survive the cold. Or, I could just wear a winter jacket over it.


I've seen a dark blue with white bird prints on it for only 4.00. Will buy it soon!

Leg Warmers

I just thought they're cute peeking on top of the boots. They would certainly keep my leggies some warmth.

Cool Vintage Shirts/Sexy Long-sleeved tops

I really need a decent neutral winter jacket soon so I could just play away with the inside layers, wear them when I go back home. Was thinking of having a neutral-color winter fashion until I bought the bright blue winter wear.

Thermal Leggings

They cost a little expensive at 7 a pair, but I still think they're a wise investment here.

Laid Back Boots

I'm still debating whether I'm going for flat calf-high boots or the almost knee-high ones. One thing's for sure, they're going to be grey or brown.

Final Notes to Self When Buying Winter Clothing

❅ Stick to the following color hues: greys, dark blues, olive greens, browns and some pale pink or maroon for accents.
❅ Buy pieces I can use back in the Philippines. 
❅ Start looking for pasalubong pieces for loved ones.

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