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PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is…

Anna Banana, I love you a bunch... 

Raise your hand if you've had this song repeated in your head when Derek's "I love you proposal" in YouTube hit the country. I was too! And, I bet you are updated with Derek's lovelife and supporting family. The commercial has sequels. Here, let me refresh you.

Derek wanna shout it out to the internet that he is in love with Anna by serenading her through YouTube.

Unfortunately, just like all of us, little Derek got his heart broken. :( Too bad Anna doesn't like him back.

But then, Aria the great came into the picture, or uh, video and cheered Derek up through a song. I love the piano recording and the two cute little boys in the background by the way. Aria. This girl is soo talented and cute.

And lastly, the latest news about the Lorenzo family -- their dog Booster got lost. Oh no! I have dogs and I would be very very upset if one of them goes missing. Did they found Booster yet? Go watch the video!

Subscribe to the PLDT m…

Am Being a Cute Nerd for Tonite

I happen to get bitten by the slacker bug tonight. I failed to write product reviews. I was soooo tired because I aerodanced. Again. To chill, I surf. And, because these facts are worth sharing, imma put it in my blog.

Every year, millions of trees grow thanks to squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts.
Thank you squirrels! :) Hugging you guys so tight!

 The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We’re all made of star dust.

*Insert magic dust sounds here.* I am a star. *and curtsy*. 

Penguins only have one mate their entire life and “propose” by giving their mate a pebble.
Awww. :) I wouldn't mind getting a pebble as an engagement item for as long as he's going to be my mate forever and ever and I am going to be his! And he scratches my back if it itches and he cooks instant meals when I'm sick.

Cuddling releases Oxytocin which helps speed healing and recovery f…

And It's Not Even Valentine's Yet

I finally found that guy who would do sweet nothings during an ordinary morning. This is what happened during that one ordinary morning. I woke up, tried to find my phone. I caught a glimpse of my transluscent, pink and black animal print phone thingamajig, peeking out from in between my Paolo Coehlo journal. I pulled it out lazily when a bar of snickers popped out. And I thought of him. Aww. How sweet. Morning presents just because. My day went on by beautifully because the Snickers + morning gospel made my day start so well.  When I finally told him my heartfelt thank you, he beamed. Well, not literally. I was talking to him through our office communicator. But I know he beamed. But, he asked me if I ruined his journal. Thinking that the phone + snickers did, I wanted to get upset because I love shiny papers tucked together and shiny papers should remain shiny, tucked in properly for the rest of eternity. I asked why. And he got sort of disappointed. He said I failed to read the no…

It's a Fridate: AeroDancing

Last Friday, we went to go Aero dancing in a local mall. It's my day off so I asked my officemates if they're interested to join me burn some calories. They said they were, so off we went!

This was taken before the class started. Ate C has to go munch on some siomai. She was hungry as a bear. And aerodancing with an empty stomach is a no-no. Dancing with a full stomach is not good either. 

Taken after the class. Look at ze hair. So messy! I wanted to do away with my maong shorts, but my colorful panties were flashing neon lights. I wasn't prepared much! Boo yah. Have you seen a green muffin top? Hope you didn't. :(

From then on, we swear to do Aero classes during Fridays! Wee. Don't you love Fridates? Credits to Abril's Instagram! :) AERODANCING TIPS Wear flexible garments. Tights and tops.Bring water and put it in a container with an easy-to-open lid. There are like 5-10 second breaks between each dance routine so it's your opportunity to drink some water …

Manang's Chicken: New Pinoy Food Chain

One lazy afternoon, the G Team decided to check out Ayala Malls' The District. It is a newly opened mall in Imus, Cavite, just some jeepney ride away from home. I wanted to try J. Co donuts for the longest time and thinking that the branch in The District is now available, we went there though it was already a bit late.

After knowing that J.Co is not opened yet, we weakly stomped our way through the alleys. Only a few stores were operating. Few clothing lines and few restaurants. Then, this bright tangerine store caught our attention -- Manang's Chicken. I saw a posting in SM Dasmariñas saying that Manang's Chicken will open there soon too. So, to satisfy our curiosity, we tried it out.

Upon the Manang's Chicken's wall was the story of how the store came to be. It turns out that "Manang" is the cook of a family. Manang used to cook her special soy fried chicken everytime the family requested for some. The family can't resist to share the tas…