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Feb 7, 2013

And It's Not Even Valentine's Yet

I finally found that guy who would do sweet nothings during an ordinary morning. This is what happened during that one ordinary morning. I woke up, tried to find my phone. I caught a glimpse of my transluscent, pink and black animal print phone thingamajig, peeking out from in between my Paolo Coehlo journal. I pulled it out lazily when a bar of snickers popped out. And I thought of him. Aww. How sweet. Morning presents just because.
My day went on by beautifully because the Snickers + morning gospel made my day start so well. 
When I finally told him my heartfelt thank you, he beamed. Well, not literally. I was talking to him through our office communicator. But I know he beamed. But, he asked me if I ruined his journal. Thinking that the phone + snickers did, I wanted to get upset because I love shiny papers tucked together and shiny papers should remain shiny, tucked in properly for the rest of eternity. I asked why. And he got sort of disappointed. He said I failed to read the note.
He has a note! :) Awww. Aside from the chocolates, dude. He has something more. I told him I’ll read it when I get home. 
When I did read, my evening beat my morning rush. I was happy. With his note. ;) It was written diagonally on the space labelled Feb. 6. I need not document that memory because he himself left the memory. Carved. On a page of my journal. On one ordinary morning. And it wasn’t even Valentine’s yet. 
I finally found the guy who would do sweet nothings on an ordinary morning. And he finally found me. We finally found each other. 

I would have narrate the whole story in a sappier way, but I can't. Am in a place where I shouldn't blog. Shh, but the picture is so perfect I can't resist the timing. And, the story is sappy anyway. I did the right thing. No need to add sugar to an already sweet thing, babe.

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