It's a Fridate: AeroDancing

Last Friday, we went to go Aero dancing in a local mall. It's my day off so I asked my officemates if they're interested to join me burn some calories. They said they were, so off we went!

This was taken before the class started. Ate C has to go munch on some siomai. She was hungry as a bear. And aerodancing with an empty stomach is a no-no. Dancing with a full stomach is not good either. 

Taken after the class. Look at ze hair. So messy! I wanted to do away with my maong shorts, but my colorful panties were flashing neon lights. I wasn't prepared much! Boo yah. Have you seen a green muffin top? Hope you didn't. :(

From then on, we swear to do Aero classes during Fridays! Wee. Don't you love Fridates?
Credits to Abril's Instagram! :)
  • Wear flexible garments. Tights and tops.
  • Bring water and put it in a container with an easy-to-open lid. There are like 5-10 second breaks between each dance routine so it's your opportunity to drink some water and wipe your sweat.
  • Eat 30 minutes before the classes start. And, don't eat like there's no tomorrow after the class okay?

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