The Bad and The Happy

Hello, online and offline friends! Stalkers, you're very much welcome too. :)

Here's a happy picture:

[1] Me in sweater, drinking my Macadamia-flavored coffee, [2] Me in sweater eating pistachio ice cream. Yes, it was taken at work on the same day and yes I consume coffee and ice cream in a single day because I don't mind the calories. [3] Waffles with glazed bacon, banana, nutella and buttercream @ Hatch 22 [4] Twelve cupcakes at MOA with boo before I left off for Ireland

Know why I've given you that? I just want to make sure you'd smile before I'd tell you my rants. Hah!

I have been MIA because all my energies been drained out because:

a. My websites have malware and have been suspended by iPage. I honestly didn't know what caused them so I was like WTF, but in a calm way. This means that I can start over. I only have like 5 posts in my other blog but almost a thousand subscribers. The subscriber part kind of gets me down. I still have their e-mail addresses though. In my e-mail. Scattered. And imagine the work that I have to do in putting them in a .csv file. And imagine. I have edited my portfolio the night before it died. What a bummer. And I Had a hard time making the theme work again that I didn't stop until I made it work. I am OC like that.

b. The internet at home is like an effing ugly turtle.

c. Work kind of suck lately because I have to do MORE instead of LESS because things weren't supposed as planned and I have to cover it all up. But don't worry. I am still okay.

d. My laptop. My pink Samsung laptop is half-dead by now. The computer screen is broken on the right part and the keys aren't working. Again, a fresh start is being given to me. Do I need to buy a new lappy? I guess so. =( And that is just bad because I am super saving my money. That's why I worked double on oDesk and I took chances once again. But that is another story.

BUT, there's a happy side to my story. They are:

a. My $50.00 GlobalTestMarket check has finally arrived. Another legit online gig that I have proven. Boo was jealous he wanted to open an account when I told him to do so months ago. He needs tangible motivation before he wants to work his ass off.

b. My websites (yes, websites. Not blogs.) The Boomlet Diaries and my personal portfolio slash professional website are back on track. This time Ima take them seriously. Seriously, I will. I'll also merge my food blog here because I figured I still want to blog about food, but I'm too lazy to maintain two blogger blogs.

c. I won a huge pile of books! Won the bidding at Php120.00. Colleague is going back home to Ireland and he auctioned his stuff. I initially wanted the scanner though, but my boss says he wants it too so I was like okay. I don't want to fight off with him, but another team mate ended up winning the scanner bid. Haha. I went for the books because I like books too. I'm thinking of making a mini-library in my cube, making a mini book renting business. Haha. Joking. I have to share the books with them. The ladies were like 'Can I borrow some of the books?'. Sure thing, I'll have to set up a database and I have to send a weekly reminder that they have my books and that I need to constantly look after them. Evil smiley here. Anyway, here's a picture:

d. I got an instant good karma earlier at work because I volunteered to sort of help my groupmate and it turns out I was needing something from them so I got it. I swear the clean, no-pay back intention was real. I am good like that.

The good always nudges the ugly things out of the picture. So maybe all these bad luck that I had with my laptop and my websites are just a reminder that I need to work on my dreams seriously this time. All these happened when I had that entrepreneurial euphoria a week before. That, I am going to share with you when my plans are turning into a visible path. Promise, I will. This lady is about to get serious with her freelancing dream job. *winky*

And oh, lastly

e. I got the book entitled SHOW YOUR WORK. It inspired me to go run for my dreams all the more. More about the book soon. I'll do a book review here.

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