I Guess I'm Falling Deeper in Love

with life everyday. I don't know why, but I like it. 

Maybe because I have finally discovered and devoted time in reading the bible. I bought one with a purple cover last January when I came back here in Cavite. The move of buying one just struck me. It also has colorful illustrations, which makes learning the Word of God more interesting. 

Or maybe because I've finally realized that I love my job this afternoon when I have started debugging. I felt the rush to do the task and my hands are itching to make them work. At first, though, I was helpless since I still don't know how my department works, but I became familiar and comfortable after some time. The job that I have right now is the job that I've been envisioning during my college years -- interfacing the hardware with the software. I like making this combo work. :) I then again received my horoscope message from my mom. It's as if I am subscribing to a random surprise horoscope. It goes like this:

You'll be busy with the kind of job that you do exceptionally well. You seem to accomplish results with hardly any effort at all while others exert themselves and get results that are in the same comparison.

Haha. Do I sound conceited? Nope, it's just a horoscope. This is actually not advisable to Christ believers, but I take horoscopes just for fun.  I'm just lucky that the project assigned to me was easier as compared to the others. I'll soon have those work-related nightmares, but I wish I won't, but I want to to take on the challenge.

My happiness can also be attributed to the happiness of my boyfriend right now. He has a job and he has this great, impressive loft. It's nice when your man achieves something that he desires. Yes, he is happy because of your love, but there are just some other things that would make him complete, things that he simply can't find in you. Example? A job. The company of male friends. Let your man feel like he's a real man, ladies. Let him feel the authority, but be there as his help meat. Let him provide you with things that he wants to provide you with. Oops, I think I'm heading on for a different topic. Guess I'll expand more on this in a different post. :) The bottom line is I'm happy though he's 7001 miles away from me simply because he is happy.


  1. First: congratulations to your boyfriend
    Second: Where did you get that bible? I would like to have one. I have but mine is too big and bulky. haha
    Third: I'm glad you're happy with your job now.

  2. Yes, he waited for a while for that opportunity. I would like to say thanks in his behalf.

    I bought my purple bible at National Bookstore. I'll upload a pic later. It's kind of nice since it's handy and it doesn't feel heavy when you read it while your lying down on your bed. haha.

    Yes, I am with my job. Hope you are, too. :)

    Life simply gets sweeter, eh?

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