Slow Mo Manila and its Video Booth Glory

I am an awkward person in front of the camera. I take the most boring pictures in photobooths.

I don't know with you, but don't you think photobooths have become overrated these past few years? I mean, it was all cute at first with all those costume props and wacky shots with your friends. It has become the ultimate take-home, anti-vanity souvenirs. Remember those wedding souvenirs when all you can see is this picture of the bride and groom? Well, photo booths have solved that problem -- they made souvenirs extra exciting by allowing the guests to take home a piece of item with their faces on it.

But, have they become boring?

Well, I think they are fastly approaching the boring scale.

Pft. I hate to spill this to you (because I was planning of having the first ever video booth on my wedding, the first ever in my circle of families and friends), but I just can't contain this news all to myself, right? Hear this. There's a new twist in photobooths and it has been rocking around the town already. Ready for the news?

It's Slow Mo Manila Video Booth!

See, they would even coach you! This would help me flick off my shyness. Here are 2 samples videos which you could check out:

If interested, here is the package list. Or, you may check out the Slow Mo Manila webpage or Facebook Page.

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