Weekly Wishes {Week 3 | June 2014 }

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 

This is how my Sunday went. I was feeling sick. I was sick actually until today. But thanks to Biogesic, it was gone. I don't need to be sick. There's just a pile of stuff waiting to be done at work. Anyhow, let's start the week with weekly wishes, shall we?

Last Week's Wishes
★ Photo Date 
Sadly, no. I spent the whole Saturday in school. Sunday, on my bed. Argh.
★ Finish Enrolment 
Yezzz. I finished last Friday. I ended up having 9 units. We just need to take up Management in Information Technology just to have the Techno MBA degree. DLSU-D is eliminating the Techno MBA and we're the last of this kind. So we just have to take this up. We're like only 12 in the class. The others were waiting for this subject since like 2011? I must be lucky? Even though I have to spend my 8am's to 6pm's in school. Every Saturday. One hour break and that's all. Woohoo. Good luck to me.
★ Finance Article Blog 
Done! Looking forward to its publication in a website that I have collaborated with.
★ 10 hours work online 
I always miss the 10. How hard can it be? =( I need to make bawi this week.
★ Blog: How to Apply for PSIF 
★ Blog: SampleRoomPH Product Review 

This week was unproductive. I was sick. I have to wear my cozy socks. And we went to work on a holiday. Look at the pic of my OOTD while walking to work. The other pic is boyfie in a hoodie. What else? Oh, met up with a friend from Canada. We're friends. :)

This Week's Wishes
★ Blog: SampleRoomPH Product Review 
★ Blog: One Entry in The Boomlet Diaries 
★ Survive the 1st Saturday of formal classes 
★ Stuff up financial accounts 

The Nectar Collective

Setting up less goals this week in the hopes of achieving more. Hah. I'm psycho-challenging myself. Take this, self.

This Weekly Wishes is kind of productive for me. You can come join The Weekly Wishes bandwagon here.

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