Those über feminine songs drive my stress away

It's October 1st! 85 more days until Christmas and I'm still broke. Argh.

I'm feeling a little mad today since I think Adalie might not be well. I am speaking about my GE x5 camera, which I named Adalie. A friend borrowed her. Have I told you that I have a hard time saying no to friends? The friend told me the screen turned pink. And that is not a good sign. I researched, being the internet freak that I am, all about the pink screen. And from what I've read, I guess the CCD (charge coupled device) is broken. And I still don't get to see Adalie now. I'm getting restless and anxious. I hope I get my camera back tomorrow.

I want to walk and walk to get my mind off things. :(

I still have the warranty, but I sigh when I think of the hassles and the unnecessary bills-coming-out-of-my-wallet thing. It's not my day. I hope the rest of October wouldn't be as cruel as this. Maybe next time, I wouldn't let anyone borrow my gadgets. I know they would understand.

To take my mind off this, I listened to the new songs that I have downloaded. Songs from Pretty Little Liars. I looove most of their tracks, but I managed to download only a few. Let me share these songs to you. I thought you might like them.

W a r n i n g: Femme Flair Overdose. If you're a guy, you can stop here. :}

My Favorite Book by Stars

Closer to You by Jaylene Johnson

One Kiss Don't Make a Summer by Lucky Soul

Falling for the First Time by Jules Larson

Charmed Life by Joy Williams

I am a sucker for songs like these, the über feminine songs -- blues, indie pop, I am not so sure of the genre because I'm no music expert. I love bands with female vocals and intricate, gentle, cute words in them.

Listen to these songs while little raindrops fall on your roof at night. And you cuddle on your soft bed with your silk pajamas on. This is how I'd want to spend my nights.

Post Script: I miss Pretty Little Liars already. 

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