My Super Adventure

One fine day, my dog and I went out for a walk.

We saw a locked box, so I made a key appear magically to open up it up. I made myself a balloon to take me up, but the balloon turned out to be a dragon's egg, which cracked open before I even floated up in the air. The baby dragon grew exponentially and attacked me. So, I drew a large sword to protect me and my dog, but the dragon was so strong that he breathed fire to our direction.

This caused the box behind and everything around us to fire up. But the fire saved us, the hanging coin from somewhere fell down because the one that holds it up was consumed by the fire. The coin fell on the dragon's head. And he died. To stop the fire from harming us, I drew a rain cloud. Rain fell and put out the fire.

Unfortunately, the rain filled everything up that my dog and I were drowning so fast. Next thing I knew, there were sharks lurking at us. And, I drew a drain to get rid of the water. Phew. Saved.

That was my adventure for today. :} No, it's not my imagination. See, I have proof to show you
that it really did happen.

Do you want to try my adventure too?

Click on this pic to try this adventure.
Draw a Stickman is a creation of I totally dig their website! So cute and clean. Look at what other have drawn. You'd be amused.

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