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Oct 16, 2011

My Favorite Vampire Diaries Couples

Vampires can't get enough of the blood. I can't get enough of Vampire Diaries. It's like I have resurrected after a vampire fed me his blood. Only I'm not thirsting for blood, I want the next Vampire Diaries episode.

Congratulate me for finishing the entire two seasons and the couple of new Season 3 episodes in 2-3 weeks. The show started back when I was still in college, but I never get to watch it because back then, I was crazy about Gossip Girl, of which I am now three seasons delayed. I'm going to catch up soon, Blair. I promise. I'm good at it {catching up}.

So, because I can't have my own lovelife right now, (we're an LDR couple), I entrust fiction couples and love songs to bring out my love hormones. (Aside from chocolates, of course.) And boy, do they work well. And, right now, I am going to rave about my favorite couples from Vampire Diaries! :) *lub dub dub* Hear my heartbeat.

Fave Couple No. 1:
Damon and Elena 


I know, they are not supposed to be a couple. Stefan is Elena's boyfriend, but the chemistry between Damon and Elena is much so intense as compared to that of  the former two. There's something fiercely exciting in pursuing something that is off limits. It's like dancing with fire. And the fact that Damon is trying his bestest to put aside his own feelings for the sake of Elena's safety and happiness, even if her happy picture does not include him in the snap shot. It's sexy. How he gets so petrified when Elena was about to die and Stefan, well, was reluctant to give in to the idea of turning Elena into a vampire -- just to save her for sure. Anyway, 'nuff said. I love them to bits. And I am so looking forward to Season 3, knowing that this will be the time for their {love} story to unfold. :}

And, yes, Elena kissed Damon. On the lips! (Did Stefan know? I don't care.) When she thought he was about to die. I know she wants Damon, but she just wouldn't admit it. Can't get enough of Delena? Hang out here.

And, they make such a sweet real-life couple.

Fave Couple No. 2:
Tyler and Caroline


The two started from friendship and the hook-up wasn't expected as Caroline was so in love with Matt. But I think Matt is a jerk for pushing her away just because he has problems of his own. (Can relate. Happened to me. :( ) I didn't like Caroline's character when Vampire Diaries started, but as the story progresses, I have learned to love her character. The vampire Caroline has so much more attitude than the human Caroline. And have you heard her (Candice Accola a.k.a. sweet Caroline) sing? Her voice is absolutely amazing. She's one of my favorites now. I like the part where she sang Eternal Flame. I hope she sang it out for Tyler instead.

The two maybe of rival species, but their hearts spoke to each other. It's so Shakespeare as how Caroline is willing to put her life in danger when she accompanied Tyler during his first transformation. Sweet suicide, if you ask me. Tyler's bite can kill Caroline, but she was just there. Beside him. All the time. Hugging him to ease the pain. Here's a Tyler and Caroline tumblr that you can check out.

Fave Couple No. 3:
Jeremy and Anna

Human and vampire. Classic. I like Anna so much I was happy that she and Jeremy had a connection once again! I just wish she didn't die. She made Jeremy so happy. They've started all wrong as Anna just wants Jeremy's blood for her mother. But, they've grown closer and fell for each other. It's cute that Jeremy still thinks about her long after she was gone. And when he can finally see and hear her, my heart leaped for them. I disliked Jeremy for shutting Anna down just because he is now with Bonnie. I actually don't get the Bonnie and Jeremy link up. It feels wrong. I know there would be more Jeremy and Anna encounters in the following epi's; I'm so up for those. :}

That's all -- my three favorite TVD couples. :)))

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