Dulgies: My All-Time Favorite Dessert House

It's been a discovery of love. I mean, the boif brought me here and eversince, I loved this place to death. Dulgies!!!!

That's the boif's refelection. I took the picture. I love the theme, the concept, the colors (pink, white and brown!). Everything, even the music played. If you were playing the game, Chocolatier, then you would have an idea on the music played inside this sweet place.

Okay, since I can't get over you not having the slightest idea of what music they were playing inside, I researched for you. Hit play! ;}


As you step inside, you'll feel as if you're taken out of Iloilo City and into dessert dreamland. The black-and-white tiles compliments the striped chairs. The huge wall mirrors, as we know it, gave the place the needed extra space illusion. And the round lights balls with brown swirls will make you think of chocolate. And the music will definitely stimulate your auditory nerves. Think of Facebook's Cafe World.

I am a sucker for restos that are so particular with details. This is a cute, vintage "for-her" framed photographs. Love the pink-and-white wall paint. Can you guess what part of the resto I am currently standing on while taking this picture?

Here's another angle for additional clues. So, got it yet? Look at the white circular thing on the lower right portion of the picture. Have you thought of it already? Okay, it's the comfort room! Cute, eh? I stayed longer than I should in here. It's just too cute to just pee, powder up and walk away. Haha.

And over here is the counter. While you order, you see these cute kitchen stuff. Coffee maker, blenders, pink cups, pink-black-and-white boxes, brown ribbons, syrups, table napkins. It's so vintage. 

And see those chandeliers, big wall mirrors and striped chairs? And the cake holders stuffed with muffins. Oooh, I could live in this place.


We ordered carbonara. So sorry for the lame picture. I didn't thought I'd be a food blogger by then. Those are three, chunky chicken strips. Yum was all that I can say. We have to share everything. Pasta and cake. 

We had Chocolate Forest Cherry Cheesecake and Iced Tea, too. One slice costs around Php85. And last Christmas, I would have bought a cake from them, but it would ruin my Holiday budget. For a whole cake, you have to shed out more than Php1000. So, I ended up buying from Goldilocks. Hopefully, this year, I can get a Dulgies cake for New Year's Eve! :)

Managed a few clicks while ordering. Muffins. Loaf bread. They've got it all. I must try these banana varieties. Dessert from bananas are my favorite! And can you see the effort that they've put on the price tags? Lovely. These details, I love.

Here are cakes that I haven't tried out yet. But, I would love to have a taste soon. I can do it alone since my partner is currently out of the country. I can drag my girlfriends instead. 

This cake was what I was planning to munch on the next visit -- Tropical Banana Carrot Cake with Toasted Coconut. I love JD's tropical fruit bars. I love moist carrot cakes. And I love banana. So, I figured, I must love this creation. Sadly, I haven't had the confirmation yet. When I get back this December! :) Adalie should be working by then.

More cakes! This is what we had. The one on the right. It looked so delish that I was so enticed to order one slice.

More reasons to salivate! :) You must be hating me right now. Haha. 

And tan tararan! Introducing my all-time favorite Dulgies cake -- Banana Strawberry. One bite gives me hallucinations of flying, ecstasy. It's pure bliss, I tell you. The gentle play of the two flavors with your taste buds will surely make you come back for more. *wink*

And look at their wait numbers, which match the wall paints. The quote, as far as I can remember was cute, since I took a picture of it. But, the picture turned out to be blurry and I can't share it with you, guys. Epic fail. It's something to do with our faith in God. :)

And here I am, super satisfied, but I just can't get enough of Dulgies! :)

I've one word to describe my smile: heavenly. :D Come visit Dulgies in Iloilo City! :)

Post Script. When I first blabbed to my friends about this, they thought I make a good publicist. Haha. 

Dulgies Desserts & Cafe 
La Salette Building, 
Valeria St. (beside SM Delgado), 
Iloilo City
Contacts: Mae L. Borro
Phone: (033) 3383707
Fax: (033) 3379817, 
Email: dulgiesdessertsandcafe@gmail.com.

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