Love is a Mutt Announcement

As of this hour, this blog is completely music-free. I transferred my Mixpod in my more personal blog, which can only be read by me. That way, the reader (only me) cannot and does not have the right to be irritated with the tracks.

No, I won't tell you the address. Hah! Even if you get to visit my secret blog, you wouldn't be able to read the posts because they are encrypted. Hah! A double-locked diary. Nyenyenye. I made that to actually save you from my weak, ugly, wretched, angry side. So, thank me.

Lol, anyway, here's the result of the poll.

Thank you, sixteen people who participated in the poll. At least, I am happy that only one said that I have an awful taste in music. I like those unpopular, feminine songs. My latest addiction? Candice Accola's Eternal Flame. Love the revival! And I have actually tracked those nine people who were irritated by my music. I am now stalking you. Kidding. I know some of them -- my offline friends. One was brutally honest and told me that he listens to his own music while reading other blogs. Okay, acceptable reason.

No update from me. I stay at home like all the time, enjoying my ambivalent emotions. And work is stressing me out once again. :( I haven't heard from Adalie, too.

And I have a new show to watch. Big Bang Theory. The boyf is watching it, too. It's really wicked. The script writer is genius. His sense of humor? Epic. Try watching one epi and you'll know why. I can somehow relate to Penny because in our compound, I am the only girl. And A, my roommate, who is like busy all the time.

To sum it all up, this post existed to just inform you that I have deleted the music-generating widget in my blog. Hah. Senseless. I know, right.

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